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October 27, 2010

Metrolite Recall Musings

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I should have held onto it — I’d have my money back now.   A couple of month after I sold mine at a garage sale, Graco Metrolite stroller is under recall.
With two million strollers sold we have 4 strangulation deaths as well a number of cuts and bruises. How did the deaths occur? Entrapment. What does this mean, exactly? The baby got trapped between the seat and the tray.  My youngest was riding without the wonderful-sounding five-point harness once.  He turned on his tummy and tried to slide out, right in the middle of an intersection.   So yeah, I can see how this kind of “entrapment” that prompted this recall can happen.   Still, at the rate of 1 in a half a million, can we call this a “freak accident” and not sue?  After all, many more drownings occur each year, and we are not recalling the pools and bath tubs (although we still find reasons to sue ).
Our household proudly owns several Graco products.  They are not necessarily the cutting edge in baby gear style and technology, but they are very user friendly, and there are some really cute styles.  I can see why their most popular models remain on the market year after year.  And eventually freak accidents will happen.  Graco products would be much cheaper, I’m sure, if the cost of potential recalls did not need to be factored into the prices.


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