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November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween, Statist Moms!

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I keep hearing that women, many of them mothers, dominate the Tea Party movement.   That women, concerned for the future of their children, rally for liberty (and fiscal responsibility, and security).  It must be happening somewhere.  In the galaxy far far away.

Meanwhile here on Earth I read Parenting magazine.   According to their October issue poll, 78% of moms favor laws that would prohibit smoking in a house or in a car with children.  Only 22% of responders oppose such laws.  This poll is in no way scientific, of course, but it does show that there exists a constellation of statist mothers ready to police your personal habits.  Because they are better moms then you.

We already had some Brazilian model with a German surname opining that there should be a planetary law making breastfeeding mandatory.  Half-joking, I suppose. Yes,  yes, Fascism is sooo funny!

Breastfeeding mom Salma Hayek

Anyhow, I looked through the reasons Parenting moms gave to justify their opinions.  Nothing of interest in the “for” column: We don’t like it — ban it!  Reasons against?  Well, privacy, liberty, of course.  Amazingly, nobody was quoted pointed out that the evidence behind the ill effects of second-hand smoke is overblown.  How frustrating that this fact is so obscure!  And how scary that is it obscure.


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