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November 3, 2010

California: Suicide by the Ballot Box

California sucks!  East Bay sucks beyond belief.

It might be the largest mid-term power shift since the Great Depression, but here in California Moonbeam is elected to the second round of governorship.  The rest of the country is voting for fresh faces, and we elect a consummate politician.  I guess one moral of gubernatorial race is never hire a foreign-born house help.  Oh, but at least you can annoy Jello Biafra who disowned the Jerry Brown version of California Uber Alles:

Boxer is re-elected Senator.  Again, the rest of the country votes for fiscal solvency and restoration of Constitutional principals and freedom, we chose a true blue lefty airhead who in her 18 years in Senate sponsored a couple of Bills that made it into law.  Her legislative record was so illustrious that even San Francisco Chronicle refused to endorse her.  Way to go, California!

We overwhelmingly favor a Proposition that would make it easier for politicians to waste our money.  We overwhelmingly reject a proposition that would at least temporarily delays further wreckage of California economy.  We are hopeless.  Save a few “Greater California” states, like Nevada, where Californians flee after finding their environment unlivable, and which they summarily proceed to destroy, the country is going in opposite direction.  Actually, I don’t know how Reid managed to get himself reelected.  But NV is largely a toss-up because of the CA expatriates who dutifully check the “D” column when they find themselves in the voting booth.  It used to  be that the way California goes, so does the nation.  Now it’s more like the way the nation goes, so California doesn’t.

East Bay is, no doubt, the lamest place in California.  The good people of the 13th Congressional District re-elected Pete Stark (D, MD/CA) with over 70% of the vote.  Because we are smarter then He, in whom we do not believe, and smarter then the Founding fathers who certainly did not intend it that way, poor bumpkins.  Yeah, we are smart, and we are also civicly engaged.  Everyone should follow our lead, then they’d live as well as we do, minus the scenery… and the cuisine.



  1. Nice video choice. My hubs started singing that song when he heard about California’s election results.

    It must be very frustrating to vote in CA. I think Pete Stark shocked me the most. I mean, the way he talked to those minutemen made my blood boil. (Did you see that video clip?)


    Comment by nooneofanyimport — November 22, 2010 @ 12:03 am

  2. Yes, it’s very frustrating to vote here. It was very frustrating that at the end Fiorina and Whitman weren’t even close.
    Pete Stark is our representative, unfortunately. I know the video you are talking about, where he says that the Congress can do whatever it wants to do, Constitution be damned. It’s really astonishing, and it barely made a splash here. When it came out that he files his taxes in Maryland, one of the local papers had the story on the bottom half of the front page. Just once. That video was never mentioned in press, and if it was, most of his constituents would either agree with him, or just not care.

    Comment by edgeofthesandbox — November 22, 2010 @ 5:40 am

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