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January 24, 2011

Little Obsessions

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Remember the Turkish “flotilla”?  Yesterday Israel issued a report exonerating the actions of IDF, which, apparently is world news.  Anyhow, it was on top of my news feeds.

Weapons seized by IDF on Mavi Maramara in May 2010.

And why is it world news, exactly?  So there was some kind of a border incident and two people died.  OK.  But our own American citizens are warned to stay away from Mexico/Arizona border, and maybe Gretta will cover it.  The savagery of the terrorist campaign against Israel in the previous decade was certainly newsworthy.  Israeli actions designed to prevent future attacks, such as building the Security Fence, were much less interesting.  Yet the media the world over kept obsessing about the Wall.

And please, this has little if anything to do with Palestinians who are pawns in this game.  The world doesn’t care about Palestinians, only three countries in the world give them citizenship.  And they are Jordan, which is by all reasonable standards a Palestinian state, Israel and the United States.

Israel, on the other hand, is important, and not only to Jews like myself and anti-Semites.  It’s a military power to recon with in an oil-rich strategically situated region.  Israel is a trusted custodian of many Jewish, Christian and Islamic holy places.  In Islamic tradition, any land once belonged to Islam is typically understood to be Islamic.  The Holocaust is still something that Europeans and Americans have to think about.  Europeans often feel besieged by the Islamic immigrants within their proper, and feel it necessary to entertain their demands.  So, when Israel appears in the news, usually in a negative light, it helps to keep in mind that this is what it’s all about.

As it happens, certain developments in the region can upset the balance of power, and do so not in our favor.  I’m speaking, of course, of Iranian nukes.  Now, this is something worthy of an obsession, and a continuous stream of headlines.

Iraqi would-be nuke factory Osirak was bombed by the Israelis in 1981.


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