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March 19, 2011

Beer and Poker with the Scarecrow

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In the finest tradition of Jewish mothers everywhere, I prove myself able to get fabulously sick.  I’m still lethargic, and my mind is still mushy.  DH, though, has some thoughts on the Paper Scarecrow.

First, Obama is touted to be a good poker player.  Some of the praises are rather dubious.  For instance,

“Very cautious in the sense that he didn’t just throw his money away. He played the odds. He didn’t play for the inside straight.”

Well, not playing the inside straight is beginner poker.  Apparently, Obama is a conservative player, and so is everyone else in Congress.  In other words, he waits for a good hand, and then plays it.  There are downsides to this strategy.  What if he never gets a good hand?  Plus, if he’s that conservative, when he plays a hand everybody knows that he has a good hand and folds.

Fortune dealt Barack Obama a very strong hand.  He’s like a 21st century Ringo.  Ringo Starr, a mediocre drummer, joined the Beatles just before they became a sensation.  For that he was dubbed the luckiest person of the 60s.  Barack Obama was propelled into the Presidency by an unbelievable stroke of luck.  He had no qualifications whatsoever, but he happened to be in the right place at the right time.  Either way, he has a good hand.

But what does he do with it?  He announces the deadlines for withdrawal in Afghanistan, and he now announced that there will be no ground force in Libya.  Even if he doesn’t plan on it, why reveal his intentions?  Pro poker players often come to the table wearing hats, hoods and dark sunglasses to avoid “tells”.  Obama is either a lousy player or simply doesn’t care.

High stakes pro poker.

People often say that Obama is very relational, the kind of guy you want to have a beer with.  He might be a failed President, but a nice guy.  Really?  He’s the prick who’d be sitting there talking endlessly and pretending that he knows everything when what he really knows is that paper he wrote his junior year in college.  If Obamas were invited to our house, Michelle would proceed to examine my kitchen.  Barack would “let me make it clear” us.

My idea of a good drinking companion is Governor Christie: an unassuming man who refuses to run for President because he says he’s not qualified.  He’s certainly more qualified then our current President.  And he certainly knows quite a bit, and I have a lot to learn from him.

Governor Christie talks to reporters.


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