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March 22, 2011

Helen Thomas v. Baba Yaga

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She’s not much of a centerfold, but apparently it doesn’t stop Playboy from interviewing Helen Thomas.

In some ways she resembles Baba Yaga, third from the left on this picture, captured with Alenushka (which is Russian for little Helen — what do you know?) and Ivanushka:

Baba Yaga is a which-like character in Russian folklore. Her outward resemblance to the veteran White House correspondent might be uncanny, but it’s a superficial.   Baba Yaga is creepy cool, and Thomas is creepy creepy.  The coolness of Baba Yaga is a matter of ethnic pride to me, even though I’m not ethnically Russian.  Whereas Baba Yaga wants Ivanushka in the oven, and Helen Thomas wants Jews in the ovens.  Baba Yaga travels in a mortar holding a broom and a pestle.  Helen Thomas has no cool attributes, but she does hog the microphone.

Classic Ivan Bilibin illustration, 1900.

Baba Yaga lived deep in a forest in a hut perched on top of chicken legs.  Helen Thomas used to live in the front row of the White House correspondence room.

Baba Yaga has a bony leg, whatever that means, and she eats little boys.  Does Helen Thomas eat little boys?  Hmmm… did FBI check her fingerprints, I wonder.




  1. LOL!!! The very spitting image.

    Comment by nooneofanyimport — March 22, 2011 @ 5:40 pm

  2. […] Missy Sandbox has noticed a striking resemblance between a certain journalist and a villain from Russian folklore:  heh. […]

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