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March 25, 2011

When Euphemism Backfires GRAPHIC

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“Dear Reuters, you must be kidding,” — says Jeffrey Goldberg:

This is from a Reuters story on the Jerusalem bombing earlier today:

Police said it was a “terrorist attack” — Israel’s term for a Palestinian strike. It was the first time Jerusalem had been hit by such a bomb since 2004.

Those Israelis and their crazy terms! I mean, referring to a fatal bombing of civilians as a “terrorist attack”? Who are they kidding? Everyone knows that a fatal bombing of Israeli civilians should be referred to as a “teachable moment.” Or as a “venting of certain frustrations.” Or as “an understandable reaction to Jewish perfidy.” Or perhaps as “a very special episode of ‘Cheers.'”

Ah, the perennial lefty desire to change reality via language.  I’m afraid, though, nothing can change the gruesome reality of terrorism.  It’s blown off limbs, babies decapitated in cold blood and slaughtered Holocaust survivors.  Whatever you call it, it’s a bloodthirsty savage murder.  Here is a good Russian proverb: “Call me a pot, just don’t put me into an oven”.  Instead of inventing lofty theories, linguists should study the simple wisdom of Russian people.  It’s more authentic, you know.  Terrorism is terrorism whatever you call it.

After mass of a Second Intifada Palestinian strike on a Haifa restaurant.

But wait, I thought we were trying to dissociate terrorism from the Palestinian cause.  Here we are insisting that a proper term for terrorist attack is a Palestinian strike.  Lets try out this euphemism.  How about:

A 59-year-old British woman was killed and 30 others wounded, including six Americans in a Palestinian strike in Jerusalem.


Fogel family massacre: five dead, including a three-months-old baby girl, in a Palestinian strike.

Uri and Hadas Fogel

What about the IRA and ETA, do they perform Palestinian strikes?  In the wake of Madrid train bombing in which terrorists murdered 191 civilians, Spanish government made allegations of ETA involvement.  Yet terror experts quickly pointed out that the scope of the attack and an absence of warning are typical of Islamist terrorists.  So, I guess, whether IRA and ETA perform Palestinian strikes is an open question.

Palestinian strike on Madrid

What about Al Qaeda?  Can you imagine:

Al Qaeda murdered more then 3,000 in a Palestinian strike on 9/11/2001.

Palestinian strike hits New York City

Granted, it’s a bit unfair to the residents of West Bank and Gaza to pin the whole phenomena of terrorism on them when suicide assassins have deep roots in the region and Palestinian identity was invented by Yasser Arafat and his henchmen.  Nonetheless, good job Reuters!


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