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April 20, 2011

Gaia Is a Baby-Eating Goddess

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Bay Area moms of Caucasian extraction are usually at least to some degree invested in “green” parenting.  For instance, the other day I overheard some random mom chiding her toddler for not turning off the light: “It hurts the Earth!”  For the record, I’m for turning off the lights because I’m thrifty.  But I’m not going to make an issue out of it because we can afford this particular expense, and there are more urgent toddler behavioral matters.

I wrote before that environmentalist Bay Area mothers will probably find it difficult to give up their beliefs.  What about their kids?  This generation is brought up in the Church of  Global Warming (I’m borrowing somebody else’s phrase here), and so I’m curious to see what is going to happen when most of the predictions will fail to materialize by the time they start high school.  Today’s toddlers might end up feeling that they were lied to, and that their parents are chumps.  Will the current green chic become one day a subject of aughts/naughts/tens revival, or are we going to trash our national parks because it was, like, all b.s. and stuff?  Young people may come to the conclusion that all science is bogus and plunge into the New Age, which, of course, is alive and kicking in Northern California.  You never know how those things will work out.

Oh, the sweet little memories of growing up the only child!

I bought a few children’s books off the overstock rack that mention global warming.  In a few years I will read these books with my kids and discuss how science can be politicized.  I will teach them to be skeptical and to seek information from a variety of sources.  I will explain that power-hungry greedy people will try to take advantage of them, and it’s up to them to use their brains to shield themselves from users.  While it’s important to love nature and care for the environment, this doesn’t entail buying into all the trendy enviro hype.

Many conservative observers pointed out, that at its core environmentalism is worship of Gaia, a pagan religious phenomenon.  Environmentalists would take it as a compliment.  We are certainly trying really hard to be neo-pagan here: think Burning Man.

Wiccan interviewed on TV. Its in South California, but you get the idea.

If Gaia is a fertility goddess, why is each one of us is told to castrate oneself on her altar?  Our Gaia can’t possibly look like a fertility goddess.  This is your traditional fertility goddess:

Venus of Willendorf

And this are contemporary celebrities:

I have no idea who most of these women are, but, I trust, they are celebrities.

While farmers worship the fertile earth and want helping hands, city dwellers, including environmentalists, view children as an inconvenience, particularly when the welfare state is in place, and we see people drawing on Social Security in their old age.

Here in the Bay Area we are sheltered from nature.  The weather is mostly mild, and when it rains we stay indoors.  I can’t tell you how many times I took my children to the playground when it was barely sprinkling, and no one was there.  Wimps!  There are earthquakes, of course, but we build to code, like a developed country.  If a hurricane strikes New Orleans, we blame the Bush Administration.  We don’t fear mother nature, Republicans are the enemy.  We don’t hunt, and we sensor folk tales we read to our children, the only source they have that gives them a glimpse into pagan antiquity.

We, overprotected city-dwellers, worship a very different Gaia.  Somehow between neurosis and politicking we stumbled upon a death goddess.  Instead of having many children and teaching them what we know, in the name of carbon footprint reduction we have very few. It  is doubtful Western civilization can survive.

Neil Gaimans Death

And what will the children say when they find out that they couldn’t have siblings because of global warming?



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  2. I’ve never thought about it. But you are right, Gaia is all about fertility, while environmental-Gaia-worshippers today don’t like us to reproduce. Not too consistent on that one. Oh well, I’ve heard of “cafeteria Catholics.” Reckon there are “cafeteria pagans” too, ha.

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