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April 21, 2011

Death and Taxes, a Round Up

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As the saying goes, two things are certain in life: Death and taxes.  Since we are between Tax Day (a time to reflect more generally on the current fiscal mess) and the Earth Day (which is really about Death), here are some of my current reads:

King ShaMus asks, Was George the “smart Beatle”?

Mark Steyn seems to say, Yes!  (H/t DH).

Via Nice Deb: Krauthammer: S&P Negative Outlook is a Review of Obama’s Budget Speech.

Wisconsin envy, Dpt. of:  Governor Walker Is Just Getting Started.  Walker plans to expand voucher program, angers unions.

From Country Thinker: President’s Budget Speech and His Breach of the Social Compact.

A disturbed teenager stabs himself to death as piece of performance art at Oregon’s venue called Strictly Organic Coffee Company.  According to a friend:

It was almost like he wanted to prove a point, like there’s no point in being scared of death because it’s going to happen to us anyway[.]

Lovely subculture.  In a related news, Charles Manson speaks out against global warming.

Political Junkie Mom is not loving $5 gasoline.

Nothing to do with environmentalism, but in keeping with the death theme: A Useful Idiot Murdered.

Since Gaia is a baby-eating goddess, a bizarre choice abortion practice at the Babble:

I’d been bothered by my doctor’s statement and confronted him three weeks later when I was more coherent: “Why did you say, ‘We can’t let you have this baby’? It wasn’t your decision to make.”

“You’re absolutely right,” he answered. “I was trying to make it easier on you. Some women don’t want to feel responsible for making that choice, and it seems to be easier on them if I say that.”

In Death [of the West] category, Applebee accidentally serves child alcohol, overreacts.

Completely unrelated to everything above, Kay Hymowitz asks, Will Women Marry Down?  Hmmm… I have more degrees than DH, and from fancier schools, but he outdid me in everything that matters in the real world.

Also unrelated, this week I discovered the proper way to do captions on WordPress.  Now I feel like going back and redoing them on every post.



  1. Thank you very much for including me in your blog round-up. To be placed anywhere near Mark Steyn is a great honor in and of itself. You rule, Edgie.

    Comment by KingShamus — April 21, 2011 @ 4:02 pm

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