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May 19, 2011

Do French Women Need Our Help?

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Via Instapundit comes this take on Strauss-Kahn’s “womanizing”:

The case in New York City reflects another dimension of the problem in France. “If I try transposing the situation in New York on Sunday to France, I just can’t do it,” says Diallo. “Not only because the woman is black and apparently an immigrant. [Hotel maids in France are white?  Perhaps. — ed.]  But also because she’s a housekeeper. Perhaps even more than her race, her station in society would probably prevent authorities [in France] from taking her accusations against a rich and powerful man seriously.

France is the land of lofty feminist theory.  I admit I couldn’t get through any of it, like I couldn’t get through any French theory in general. In part because when people explain what it’s all about, all I can say is “That’s it?  Is it worth the struggle?”  And if feminism is good for anything at all, it should stand to protect a disadvantaged woman against assault (and it’s assault that Staruass-Kahn is accused of, not womanizing).  French women got suffrage under the Allied occupation.  Gosh, maybe we should invade them again.


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