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May 21, 2011

So Much to Learn, so Little Time (Only a Year and a Half)…

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I would hate to be Barack Obama too.  Thrusted at the peak of his ignorance to the position of enormous power, he thought he was going to part the oceans, but now he’s being lectured by some man from a tiny country in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah, I would hate to be Barack Obama too.  I certainly resent being governed by him, in part because his feeble and inconsistent foreign “policy” brought shame on our great country, and will sure to cost us human life and treasure.  Oh, and given how Nethanyahu ushered in very successful free market reforms in Israel during his first stint as a Prime Minister in the 1990s, perhaps he can do us all a favor and explain our President a few things about domestic policy as well.

UPDATE: Uppity Canadians.  (Via an Ace comment.)  Maybe Obama should go to Canada and give a speech.  That will change everything.


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  1. Hussein is an America and Jew hater….2012 cant come soon enough! Have a blessed Sunday despite it all !

    Comment by Angel — May 22, 2011 @ 2:26 pm

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