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June 7, 2011

Morality in Liberal Politics

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Via Instapundit comes another great essay by Zombie, about hypocrisy and morality in the liberal worldview.  About liberals remarking that at least Weiner and the Democrats are not hypocrites, Zombie says the following:

Now, I’m not here to defend hypocrisy — I hate it as much as the next person. I’m only here to point out that in order to lay claim to their “but at least we’re not hypocrites” defense, liberals must necessarily paint themselves into an impossible corner, defining themselves as the ideology of amorality.

To be sure, liberals don’t usually think of themselves as immoral.  They believe that they evolved to embrace a superior morality.  Since 1960s liberal morality has been “make love not war”.

John, Yoko, hotel maid and the media at bed-in for peace.

Weiner, who is a Zionist, or at least a Zionist of convenience,  should know that sex does not make peace, force does.  Good luck parlaying this wisdom on his fellow lefties.  When in 2006 Pelosi talked about leading the most ethical Congress evah, liberals understood it to mean that to be a pacifist redistributionist congress that also doesn’t steal or cheat, because this is what Repubs do.  Sexual appetites of their elected representatives are a personal matter.

I agree with the later statement to the extent that I dislike politicians’ dirty laundry.  But when a politician is unfaithful or promiscuous, it does tell us something about his character; it shows a lack of restraint.  If Weiner can’t demonstrate self-restrain when it comes to his exploits with the opposite sex, does he have what it takes to read a 1000+ page bill, and if his wife can’t trust him when he’s away for a week, how do we know he’s not misappropriating funds to cover up his affair?

If Weiner’s promiscuity reveals anything about the man, it’s that he was on a power trip.  Consider the account of Meagan Broussard, another one of Weiner’s online women friends:

He said that he was an open book, maybe way too open. And after that he said to me that I was “too fucking real,” not like other people who were all over him.

A freaky-looking guy with a freaky name gets elected to Congress and and becomes a regular on TV.  All of a sudden women throw themselves on him.  He must be thinking he’s Mick Jagger, except that Mick Jagger doesn’t make any laws.  Weiner was on a power trip.  It would have served him well to at least try to control his drives and be a hypocrite.


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