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June 16, 2011

What Are We Googling?

To this day, most people found my blog via some variation on Huma Abedin wedding dress search.  I doubt they have no interest in the pearls of my wisdom, but, hey, they are the demographic.  So ladies, there it is, for an encore:

Yep, I'm shameless.

I’m puzzled by the undying interest in this gown.  Yes, it is Oscar de la Renta, and my male readers found it stunning.  But ladies, if you are going to copy this gown for your big day, you have to be OK with either your future husband’s online paramours or serious juju attached to the get up.

I get lots of unbelievably weird searches, of course.  Some examples: white coffee tables or British women and flip-flops.  I get some obvious ones, like is S.E. Cupp is married of did Susan Sarandon use donor eggs.  People want to know how Jewish is NY-9People want to know if Timothy Geithner is Jewish.  Wait, what?  He doesn’t look it and his last name isn’t Jewish.  But hey, he’s in finance, so that must be it.  Creepy.  Of course at the time this query was forwarded to my blog, I never posted anything about Geithner.

Another query is 9 NEA Principles.  Somebody looked it up a few weeks ago, but this week, when the school is finally out, I got three on a single day.  Am I in trouble?

Finally, I just got a query for Abedin spottedWell.



  1. Yes, you are in trouble! 😀

    The Google does some pretty mysterious things, doesn’t it?

    Comment by Matt — June 16, 2011 @ 6:47 pm

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