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August 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President: The Top 50 Get Ups of Michelle Obama, Part 4

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20.  Michelle wants to be known as the First Lady who invented the cardigan, but she can lay an equal claim to Pierrot.  I posted a couple of those before, but here is more:


March 2010.

FLOTUS style

Date unknown.

FLOTUS style

November 2009.

19.  Like many other observers I found it difficult to establish the underling aesthetic of MoBama’s wardrobe, until it dawned on me: Her thing is overkill.  Below are some examples of MoBama’s inability to live with a simple design.


Date unknown.

A simple grey jacket is never enough for our First Lady, so she has to get one with an outsized collar, which of course, won’t do either.  So she dresses it up with bold diagonal pin stripe blouse, adding a teal cardigan.  Because single color is not sufficient, she brings in a shiny blue belt.  Thankfully, the belt is not used to accentuate her boobs.  And what, no pin?

There are many necklines to chose from: scoop neck, boat neck, jewel.  But MO has to do one better:

FLOTUS peacock

March 2011.

It takes a woman of courage to wear this.  A black top with an asymmetrical neckline and a zipper — OK, maybe when you are going to see a band… but I don’t get boob-cross folds.

A green jacket has to have short sleeves, wide collar, weird hem and then a stripy tee.  Don’t forget your trademark too tight bottom, in this case a pair of pants with pockets showing:

FLOTUS peacock

April 2009.

And if you think she looks ridiculous today, can you imagine what people will think of this little look 15 years from now?

Oversize earrings pick up the shape of the Presidential seal:

FLOTUS peacock

May 2009.

She was on her way to Spain for a vacay, but they took her off the plane and put in front of the podium.

18.  Somebody told Michelle Obama that she has to shine, and she took it literally:


Date unknown.

17. This is one of my all-time favorites.  The First Lady of the United States modeling a shiny yellow tent, with a multicolor blouse of a strange cut and black trimming, and a matching boob belt:

Michelle Obama fashion

January 2011.

16.  One obvious problem with this decadent opulence is that we are in a recession.


January 2011.

White pants are presumptuous to begin with.  But simple white pants are not going to do it for the White House mermaid, even though she’s layering all sorts of scarves, and blouses, and coats.  If she’s going to get herself white pants, they’d better have a print, and not just any print, but a gold print.  And what’s it a print of?  Why, fleur-de-lis, the symbol of French monarchy.  Don’t know much about history.

15.  Madama Butterfly inspecting the ruins of the American space program:

Michelle Obama fashion

April 2011.

14.  America, America, you are about to elect a President who’s married to this:

FLOTUS fashion

September 08.

13.  MoBama is always out of place with the royalty.  Not because we are Americans and we don’t bow to royalty, of course, but because she tries to out-peacock them, which is an easy task.

FLOTUS peacock

October 2009.

With Danish Crown Prince and Princess.  Princess Mary: elegant, MoBama: not so much.  I can see FLOTUS’s outfit starting a trend — in maternity.  The bow frames her protruding belly in such a loving manner.  By the way, there was MoBama pregnancy gossip.

12.  Speaking of internet untruths, fake but accurate:

FLOTUS style

Probably the most famous FLOTUS Photoshop ever.

Dear Lady’s wrinkled shiny big skirt look odd in the authentic shot:

FLOTUS peacock

August 2010.

Note an oversized bow and asymmetrical neckline.

I don’t think it’s to Obama’s advantage to enter into any competitions with former models like the First Lady of France or the Dutches of Cambridge.  But, psss, don’t tell her that.

11.  It’s easy to be Princess Catherine, she can wear anything she wants… and then she goes out and gets herself a dress with understated silhouette, flattering simple color, but interesting cut.

FLOTUS goes to London

May 2011.

Michelle’s colors would match the rug perfectly, if not for the shine.

Princess Catherine’s style is anti-Diana.  When Diana wore exuberant decadent dresses, especially in the 80s, Catherine is going for modest and simple.  Michelle, on the other hand, is anti-Jackie.  Jackie’s elegant and powerful style set the standard for political women in the West… until now.

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  1. Her face and hair are pretty in the oversized-earrings shot. You are right, her body is not terrible, just troublesome with the pear shape. If she chose better, she could look quite stunning. I’ve seen so many flared knee length skirt photos, that I’m beginning to think she wants to accentuate the wideness in her hips.

    Thanks for this series, Missy. It’s been fascinating.


    Comment by nooneofanyimport — August 3, 2011 @ 8:01 pm

  2. Why oh Why does she insist on cutting herself in half???

    Thanks for putting that photo of Michelle with Catherine. I think that is the more outrageously foolish choices Michelle has made. Why the Pink Top? The dress itself could be quite acceptable but the PINK jacket?

    Comment by heathermc — August 3, 2011 @ 9:23 pm

  3. Linda,
    There is a rumor that she had a nose job. She certainly looks a bit different in early pictures, like the second Pierrot in this entry. It could be the make up, camera angle and lenses — something like that.
    All in all, she’s a missed opportunity. She could be look lovely and elegant, but chooses not to.

    You are right, the dress alone would probably be better. The jacket is odd. I think it’s her “too much is never enough” mentality. Considering her statue in life, she needs to look at an outfit and think: “How can I simplify it?” But she looks at it and thinks: “What can I add?”

    Comment by edge of the sandbox — August 4, 2011 @ 3:10 pm

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