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August 9, 2011

And Many More to Come…

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So the White House did not release the pictures from ‘Bamster’s big 5-0 celebrations — because the optics are bad.    Judging by queries that brought people to my blog, the MO is rumored to have worn a read dress to the Chicago bash.  I would very much like to see that dress, as well as the one she wore to the Rose Garden BBQ ball.  Assuming that a designer gown fetches a hefty $10,000 by conservative estimates, between the two galas FLOTUS probably dropped 25K on herself.  I am curious about the results.  Mobamaheads are also left hanging; maybe this should be a clue.

Since I can’t let my readers down, I’m going to critique the outfit worn at one of the rare FLOTUS appearances last week. A photographic record of which was made available to American public:

Boob belt

July 2011.

Sigh.  V-neck shrinks her upper body and the boob belt in combination with the light blouse fabric makes her breasts look floppy.  Personally I don’t like the top, not my aesthetic, but there has to be a way to make it look decent.  However, the busy print clashes with the boob belt ornamentation, and the skirt is shiny.  So we are witnessing MoBama’s signature busy-busy-shiny styling.  Besides, a boob belt on a hot day?  Hmmm…  Perhaps this particular boob belt is thoroughly ventilated.

Since I couldn’t find the dresses with which the First Lady of Excess surprised hubby at Birthday balls, I’m posting some old party pics:

FLOTUS style

September 2009.

Here we have FLOTUS in a pastel sundress with a frayed hemline and a busy cat print.  The uneven tan probably has something to do with allowing the news media to worship her oh-so-toned arms.  The fabric is gathered around her stomach, drawing attention to it.  From there the viewer’s eyes follow the fold lines pointing to her ample hips.  She’s accessorizing with a long string of pearls.


FLOTUS style

August 2009.

Oh yes!  Can a lady toddle across ballroom wearing copious amounts of pearls over a glittery dress?  Only if the bodice squishes her breasts and slices into her stomach.

If you need to cleanse your palate here is Aubry Hepburn:

And here is Coco Chanel:

For a lesson on how a political woman wears a string of pearls, turn to Jackie:

Or even Margaret Thatcher who, mind you, never sold herself as a fashion icon:

Googling FLOTUS pictures and pointing out her fashion faux pas is depressing enterprise.  To think: the wife of the most powerful man on Earth wears a gold dress and then a silver dress to claim the most prestigious humanitarian award, which, by the way, everyone knows he didn’t deserve.  Seriously world, this is your moral leadership?

When Lech Walesa was awarded Nobel Peace Prize in 1983, the Communist Polish government wouldn't let him travel to Oslo to attend the ceremony. Walesa sent his wife and son.

MoBama’s get ups won’t decide the 2012 election, which is probably already decided.  However, Michelle the fashion icon myth was an important component of the Obama cult in 08 because it referenced the Kennedys and built up Barack’s “alpha” creds (if he is the One, he has to be paired up with somebody fabulous).  Once Michelle is established as a fashion icon, she can from time to time don a garment from an affordable retailer, like H&M or J Crew, which makes her easy to relate to and helps turn out the flaky young women vote.  But now that the O magic is gone, no amount of fawning Lady O editorials and focus-grouped every woman dresses will help.  Considering the horrible state of our economy, Barack is unlikely to be re-elected.  He must run, though: Michelle is having too much fun.



  1. why does she look like she is slumping? I thought that all that work on her upper torso would mean otherwise.

    But the worst of the worst is that scraggly hem, with a droopy pearl necklace.

    In your previous series, she is wearing what looks like a bunch of black diamond (hematite) beads. Very strange. Very cheap.

    Comment by heathermc — August 9, 2011 @ 6:18 pm

  2. Good eating habits but a bad posture? At least Obama is giving his wife lots of pearl necklaces.

    Comment by Harrison — August 9, 2011 @ 6:59 pm

  3. “However, Michelle the fashion icon myth was an important component of the Obama cult in 08 because it referenced the Kennedys and built up Barack’s “alpha” creds (if he is the One, he has to be paired up with somebody fabulous).”


    The sad thing is that if she hadn’t fallen into the ‘absolutely fabulous’ fashionista trap, we wouldn’t be making fun of her 24/7.

    Wait, did I say sad?

    Comment by KingShamus — August 10, 2011 @ 6:56 am

  4. Please…please I beg you. No more pictures of the sexiest, classiest, best-dressed lady ever. I may go blind.

    Among the many benefits of a one-term Obama presidency: No more Michelle.

    Comment by Infidel de Manahatta — August 10, 2011 @ 9:03 am

  5. Heathermc,
    Her jewelry is deserves a separate thread.

    I’m not sure BO has a choice there.

    Well, she could have been an exemplary sharp-dressed middle age woman. Instead, she provides fodder for my blog.

    She is certainly very shiny.

    Comment by edge of the sandbox — August 11, 2011 @ 3:00 pm

  6. […] be black or red, she has to have both.  Reminds me of how our ever-sophisticated First Lady wore a gold dress for hubby’s Nobel “Peace” Prize ceremony and then a silver dress for the […]

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