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September 4, 2011

[Almost] All I need to Know About Local Politics I Learn From the Letters Sections of Local Papers.

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We have free local paper delivered to our doors.  I picked up the copy the other day, and it seemed boring.  The only item of interest was a little note asking parents to get involved in a committee overseeing implementation of Measure A.  This measure , recently approved by a 2/3 majority of voters, levied a parcel tax to fund public schools.  With the passage of this measure, Alameda schools became the third most expensive in the Bay Area.  This is not the third most prosperous town, and our schools are not 3rd best.

Being a sophisticated Alameda Sun reader, I turned to the letter section.  I previously wrote about our School District Superintendent Kirsten Vital.  I once learned from the letters section that she appropriated District funds to run a parcel tax campaign and created a job for a relation.  Fortunately for her, Sacramento is not initiating  legal action against her.  Well, this time I learned that after the last attempt to levy the parcel school tax succeeded, Ms. Vital gave herself a raise.   Digging a little here and there I found that no teacher was given a raise.

I suppose all of it is very predictable: Corrupt officials, gullible Bay Area taxpayers, important news hidden in the letters section.

Something else appears a bit predictable as well.  There is a rumor being floated that Kirsten Vital discriminates against Arabs.  Uh, so perhaps her song is sung after all.

Now, if somebody will keep an eye on the eminent domain-happy City Hall, it would be highly appreciated.


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  1. politics have gotten so depressing girl!! I’m back from vacay my friend and website all fixed!! xxoo

    Comment by Angel — September 4, 2011 @ 10:58 am

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