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September 16, 2011

Obama’s Jewish Problem, and Vice Versa

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In the wake of the Democrat loss of a reliably democratic seat in Queens and Brooklin, WSJ’s Dan Senor on Obama’s problem with the Jewish vote:

This is a preview of what President Obama might face in his re-election campaign with a demographic group that voted overwhelmingly for him in 2008. And it could affect the electoral map, given the battleground states—such as Florida and Pennsylvania—with significant Jewish populations. In another ominous barometer for the Obama campaign, its Jewish fund-raising has deeply eroded: One poll by McLaughlin & Associates found that of Jewish donors who donated to Mr. Obama in 2008, only 64% have already donated or plan to donate to his re-election campaign.

Forget Pennsylvania!  BO is underwater in New York, New Jersey and California.

Senor went down the list of BO’s moves that should alienate the Jewish voters.  Among them:

In the same [July 09] meeting with Jewish leaders, Mr. Obama told the group that Israel would need “to engage in serious self-reflection.” This statement stunned the Americans in attendance: Israeli society is many things, but lacking in self-reflection isn’t one of them. It’s impossible to envision the president delivering a similar lecture to Muslim leaders.

To repeat:

Israeli society is many things, but lacking in self-reflection isn’t one of them.

Obama knows a few people with Israeli roots, his former Chief of Staff among them.  The same statement can be made about Jews in general, and Mr. Obama, who lived in New York and Chicago, towns with many Jewish residents, and went to school at NYU and Harvard where many Jewish students are enrolled, should know us better.

It’s quite common for liberals who live in heavily Jewish areas to call on Jews to engage in greater self-reflection re Israel.  They should all know better.  So, I think, we Jews should reflect on this: Why is it so common for people to form outlandish opinions about us?

UPDATE, via Instapundit: Obama’s Approval Slips Among Jews.  And, oh, that 55% of Jewish Americans who still claim to support Obama, shabbat shalom, darlings; we need to have a talk.

I have a feeling that the 32% that disapprove of him is going to make it to the polls next November.  His supporters?  Not so sure.



  1. I never understood why Jews or blacks vote for Democrats is such high numbers. In actuality, the result of Democrats’ policies only serve to damage those two communities. It might be that the high education levels and intellectualism present in many Jewish communities have made them so “smart” that they can rationalize away why supporting Democrats is in their best interest.

    But the most anti-Semitic groups tend to be Leftists. The USSR was one of the biggest Leftist societies in history and my understanding is the Soviet passport had “Jewish” stamped on it if you were Jewish. And this Marxist/Leninist garbage infected Europe in the 20s and never left and then it spread to America where it has become more dominant over the previous 35-40 years.

    Evangelical Christians might support Israel because they want the Baby Jesus to return and judge everybody but since I don’t believe in that nonsense Jews don’t have to worry that having the Right help them will result in sending them all to Eternal Damnation.

    Comment by Harrison — September 16, 2011 @ 8:28 pm

    • Well, part of the answer is FDR in his role in WWII.
      Of curse, many of those who came were already socialist, which was not unusual for immigrants at that time. In Jewish case in particular, socialists were seen across Europe opposing anti-Semitism, think Dreyfus affair.
      It’s often said that American Jews, most of whom are descendants of immigrants from Russian Empire still vote against the czar. 19th Century Russian essayist Chernishevsky called czarist Russia “prison of the peoples”. We Jews got it particularly bad, Pale of the Settlement, pogroms and all. One of my grandfathers was a rank and file Communist. Ironically, his wife, my grandmother, hated the regime, and so did the rest of her family. Her father was a wealthy dressmaker who owned two factories before the revolution, and Bolsheviks took everything.
      That’s another thing, I don’t understand why a community as entrepreneurial as Jewish Americans should vote socialist.
      In USSR our passports had the “fifth line” that listed what Soviets called nationality, but it was more like race or ethnicity. If you had the word “Jew” written there, many opportunities were closed.
      And the whole Evangelical thing… the way I look at it, if the Messiah comes, we’ll ask him if he’s been here before. Plus, I’d like to believe that Christians want us in Israel because we’ve proven to be trusted custodian of the Holly Places.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — September 16, 2011 @ 9:40 pm

      • I think FDR made the ship St. Louis which was filled with German Jews turn around and not dick in the US.

        Comment by Harrison — September 17, 2011 @ 10:07 am

  2. […] think that 58% is below his support among Jews, although that Jewish American poll is weeks old, and we might disapprove of him more by now.  […]

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