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September 27, 2011

Bay Area “Community” Ganging up on Berkeley Republicans

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A few days ago I blogged about an SFGate opinion piece masquerading as a news item about the upcoming affirmative action bake sale on the Berkeley campus.  And now, SFGate is publishing an opinion piece opinion piece about the event.  The essay in question is written by Chip Johnson, who really is a SFGate columnist, of which at first I wasn’t sure.  The opinion piece contains the following bits of wisdom:

There are few places in America more reactionary than a college campus, and among them, UC Berkeley is a leader.

A-ha.  And:
The bake sale creators have no understanding of how race works in America.
Sounds know-it-allish.
There is a distinct difference between criticizing an idea in the public marketplace, criticizing a public figure and criticizing a group based solely on an ethnic, religious, social or economic difference. Rich or poor, white, black, Asian or Latino, it doesn’t matter. You can only meet people one at a time.
The stunt is not aimed at “criticizing a group based solely on an ethnic, religious, social or economic difference” whatever that means.  It criticizes a government policy.
There’s not only a distinct difference, but a distinguishable line whenever the issue is race relations: You never, ever, ever speak in generalizations about any ethnic group, because people of similar color and ethnic makeup aren’t all the same.
I confess I’m impressed by the “[y]ou never, ever, ever” line.  But I still don’t understand how “distinct difference” and “distinguishable line” are disparate concepts.
Chip does have a point about the Asians.  The Student GOP group priced their cookies at $2.00 for whites and $1.75 for Asian Americans when in reality Asians need higher grades to be accepted.

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  1. Many Asians I know think they are unfairly singled out by those unhappy with their lot in life because they somehow get better grades, etc… To hear Asians talk about the easy lot in life they think blacks get is sometimes amusing but just goes to show that it is not only the white male who gets the onus put upon them of being the bad guy.

    Comment by Harrison — September 27, 2011 @ 3:49 pm

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