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November 4, 2011

#Occupy PR Day as Hosted by Edge of the Sandbox

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According to a Quinnipiac poll that oversampled Democrats, 39% of voters disapprove of #Occupy. (Via Hot Air).

What to do?  Maybe deny that the movement has anything to do with Communists.  And so Sadie came to my humble blog, noticed the post about Occupy Oakland occupying public schools and objected to the picture of an Oakland Occupier in Commie gear blocking the entrance to Wells Fargo Bank.  Turns out, I was taking it out of context.  Silly me, I actually thought I was putting things in context, like, you know, redistribution of wealth.  More on Communists at #Occupy Oakland at Gateway Pundit, for instance.  I pointed out that she was kind of not on topic, to which Sadie replied:

It is very true that my comment didn’t address the substance of your post. I was taking issue w/ what comes across as angry meanness behind the post.

The kids rampaging through Oakland, on the other hand, are nice.

The substance of your post seems to boil down to the fact that you don’t agree w/ the occupy movement, so you don’t want people who do to have any power to affect your life. The point of the movement is to make a change, and why not get our future (children) involved in bringing that change about.

Sorry freedom-loving parents, we need your kids.

When I’ll teach my children about Communism, I’ll tell them about Pavlik Morozov.   Sadie continued:

I believe that regardless of whether or not we agree on the movement, my comment still holds merit in that one cannot ask everyone to explain the actions of the few, or take personal responsibility for things they did not do and could not control. We can however, take responsibility for trying to make sure that damage and violence doesn’t happen again, because those broken windows and drawn on walls don’t speak for me or what I stand for.

Unlike those bad Occupiers, Sadie only used violence to block free enterprise.  She is not responsible for the acts of vandalism of mere hundreds of her comrades.  Very excellent coverage of Oakland burning at Gateway Pundit.  Also see this SJ Mercury News report.

Coincidentally Kirby Desmarais of Occupy Parenting fame came through yesterday.  Judging by traffic she’s been readying for a while.  She previously described my criticism of her choices as “bullying”, but now she hired an attorney.  Evidently the attorney told her that the best he can do for her is to have me take down pictures she herself proudly displayed on her blog.  So now my readers will have to imagine the pictures that I said will make 99% of American mothers cringe, and Desmarais requested to remove.

A lovely discussion with Desmarais’ buddies made me suspect OWS is readying to open its own little HUAC.  HUAC should be the least of our worries shall #Occupy prevail.  I’m always a bit bothered by Americans who say “We know you Russians had Stalin, but we here had Joe McCarthy”.

I sincerely hope that now that it’s obvious that #OWS wants to go out with a bag Desmarais no longer drags her defenseless toddler to Zuccotti.



  1. This whole thing is a Obama endorsed thing. With endorsements from Mayor Quan, and from Jerry Brown, and from Michael Bloomberg,with Joe Biden’s and Nancy Pelosi.

    Comment by — November 5, 2011 @ 6:40 am

    • Irishman,
      Thank you for stopping by and commenting.
      Obama endorsed them — Obama owns them. They are very obviously inspired by his rhetoric (richest 1%, etc).
      Mayor Quan is particularly inept, though.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — November 5, 2011 @ 8:19 am

  2. I loved how Kirby accused you of lying, but doesn’t say what was false. You offered bunches of link-backed facts, and then drew your concluding opinion from those facts. Obviously, she doesn’t like this opinion, but that’s not the same thing as lying, now, is it?

    Comment by nooneofanyimport — November 7, 2011 @ 5:38 pm

    • Yes, if I got something wrong, I’d love to know what it is. I thought I made a very good argument about narcissistic, reckless parental behavior starting with unattended childbirth. All based on what she said about herself.
      She claims she’s too busy to take my argument down, but I’m not hiding my sources. My readers were able to follow the links and draw their own conclusions… until Kirby removed the evidence.
      There was a bit of projection going on there. She says I am a bully, but she’s the one who runs to the lawyers.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — November 7, 2011 @ 9:41 pm

  3. […] picture was controversial as an individual named Sadie showed up on my blog to point out that when she occupied a brunch of Wells Fargo, she merely […]

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