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December 19, 2011

#Occupy Child Abuse Update: Mother of the Year and Mother of the Year Runners Up

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In the #Occupy high days, I posted quite a bit about the movement’s child abuse.  Since #Occupy is withering away and I was doing some family-related travel as well as making other adjustments, I dropped the ball.  But I guess as long as there is #Occupy, there is #Occupy child abuse.  First spotted on Rouge Operator is this most egregious example of all: A mother put her child on train tracks to shut down the Port of Portland.

Note that by her logic she is not endangering her child because no humane person would run over her child.  But wait, this means that occupiers know that their adversaries are humane, and that due diligence will be exercised to make sure that they are not hurt.  The movement, however, does not recognize the humanity of others, be it the 1%, a truck driver delivering goods to a port, a resident of Lower Manhattan or even their children.  Those are merely pawns in the grand game of redistribution.

Considering that Time magazine chose occupiers to be the person of the year, this woman must be our mother of the year.  Always on Watch has the runners up, Parents for Occupy Wall Street starring their founder Kirby Desmarais, the chick in a knit hat.  She tried so hard but failed to outdo her fellow #Occupier mom in Portland.  Anywho, you can see the whole video on AOW.

Parents for Occupy Wall Street got their children to chant slogans and cry for the cameras.  The later was accomplished by having the youngsters tape their handmade hearts to a fence at NYPD headquarters to protest what they saw as “police brutality”.  The policemen had to remove the art projects, and, sure enough, the kids cried.  Parents for OWS made somber faces and said “lets go”.

It’s one thing to take one’s children along to a protest, but quite another to make them a centerpiece of a protest.  Getting one’s children to weep to generate sympathy for one’s cause is more wicked still.



  1. what a shocking lack of perception of an obvious danger. I can’t decide whether it’s because she is that careless, or that ignorant.

    Comment by nooneofanyimport — December 21, 2011 @ 4:07 pm

    • Or she wants to please her friends. Either way, it’s amazing that Child Protective Services are not looking into it.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — December 22, 2011 @ 10:48 pm

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