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February 26, 2012

A Few Good Links

I’m not much of a linker, as you might have noticed, although I sometimes tweet out the stuff I like.  But here is some food for thought.

Item 1:

Poll: Californians want to soak the rich.  Three dueling tax proposals can end up on the ballot.  Two of them favor taxing the rich, one — a progressive tax for wage earners.  Not surprisingly, considering it’s Californian, the third plan is the least popular.  In other words, the residents of the Golden State, including Republicans, want to continue the policies (narrow tax base, high taxes) that have been failing us for the past quarter century.  It sounds like we are doomed, but fate might save us.  With all three proposals on the ballot, none is expected to win.

Item 2:

The mother of a student who suffered brain injury as a result of drug overdose at Cloyne Court Co-op in 2010 is suing UC Berkeley.  She says the University knew of rampant drug use at the Student Cooperative, but did nothing.  Of course the university knew, but she had to have some ideas as well.  If co-ops in general have a reputation, Cloyne is notorious.  Co-ops are just what they sound like: hippie/anarchist types of student dwellings owned by the University.  The smaller cleaner co-ops are generally OK, but large ones like Cloyne are party hubs. Overdoses happen at co-ops with predictable regularity, and in the 80s Barrington Hall was shut down due to substance abuse and dealing.

There is an essential creepiness to Berkeley, and certainly if one ever set foot at Cloyne…  Lets just say it’s the kind of place where sitting on a couch seems ill-advised. According to the SF Gate article Cloyne now has a marijuana garden about which parents know.

Anywho, if the school is responsible for the 21-year-old man, what about his mom?  I’m against helicoptering, but if your child moves into a place like Cloyne, perhaps it’s time to stop paying the bills.  Then again, John Gibson, victim of the overdose, was majoring in Peace and Conflict Studies, and, presumably, his mother kept paying the bills.

Question: Are items 1 and 2 related?

Note that the comrades of said Peace and Conflict Studies major didn’t cal 911 when he was unresponsive.  Considering that majors like Peace and Conflict Studies is what usually lubricates the co-op social life, I’m suspect John’s major inspired quite a few late night drug-addled discussions of how they were going to save the world.  Then they failed to save their neighbor.  They are the kind of scum his mother should had warned him about.  We don’t know the identity of students who didn’t call 911, but I sure hope that the University of California didn’t bestow its prestigious Bachelors of Arts degrees upon them.  (Bachelors of Science rarely reside at places like Cloyne.)  If anyone should be held criminally responsible here, it’s the co-op residence who failed to call the paramedics.  This is turning out to be a rather long links post.

By the way, John Gibson’s mother is not in it for the money:

“I would like to close the co-ops,” Bennett said. “They’re just saying you won’t be punished if you do the right thing – but you don’t have to. Berkeley, as a school, should say, ‘If you don’t call 911, you’re out of here.’ “

According to SF Gate the University is taking measures, explaining financial consequences of potential closures of low-cost co-ops.  The greedy self-proclaimed 99%.  The University is not appealing to the undergraduates’ sense of morality or even ethics.  In my days we were beyond good and evil, and I’m sure morality is still passe on Telegraph and Bancroft, but if failing to save an alleged friend is not evil, I don’t know what is.

Item 3:

If you have a NRO user account, here is an interesting article on history of messianic politics in the US, particularly as it relates to the sitting President.  Obama in the Bunker.

Item 4:

Citizen Tom on different definitions of tolerance.

Item 5:

I recall in 2002 there was much gossip about Iraqi WMDs being transferred to Syria.  Maggie’s Notebook on what this means today.

Item 6: Shepard Fairey, the tracer who gave us the Obama Hope and Change posters of 2008 campaign, admitted to plagiarism and perjury.

Full disclosure: as an undergrad in Berkeley and thereafter I attended a few parties at Cloyne.  I brought my own alcohol.  DH once played a party there, and got a black eye, according to him, defending a woman’s honor  (that was before we met).  Call us enablers.

UPDATE: Another quote from John Gibson’s mother:

Kids do drugs openly and deal drugs in the house,” Bennett said. “I’m paying taxes so these kids can take mushrooms and meth? They should be kicked out of school or sent to re-hab.



  1. Perhaps those taking peace and conflict studies didn’t call 911 because they feared a conflict?

    Comment by Infidel de Manahatta — February 27, 2012 @ 7:19 am

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