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May 2, 2012

A Liberal Gets Robbed, So to Say

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He looks like an occupier himself (via Daley Gator):

No doubt this young entrepreneur is angry and frightened.  He says he doesn’t know why his business was targeted, so let me help.  He opened it in the vicinity of Dolores Park where countercultural events are often held, a logical place for Occupy SF to have their rally.  In any event, anarchists and their like chose to eat and shop in the Mission.  This guy’s restaurant was a target of opportunity.

I’m not suggesting that he chose a wrong location for his venue.  To the contrary, his business probably benefited from being situated in this radical chic shopping enclave.  Anarchists bring authenticity to the neighborhood, and broken windows are the price to pay.

It reminds me of people complaining about the homeless kids in the Upper Haight.  Sure, they are obnoxious and annoying, but they are also a major tourist draw.  Without them Haight Ashbury would be just another commercial district.  However, the lefty types are wrong to suggest that the homeless give an “identity” or a “soul” to the neighborhood because the young junkies are pretty much extraneous to the lives of the locals and the patrons.  They should be more appropriately called mascots of the Haight.

In the Mission, to be sure, counterculture is more organically intertwined in the area.  Underground bands play in Mission bars and stores carry local designers. Unlike the Haight, this is not the neighborhood that’s lives of its half a century old glory and where half the establishments look like they belong to the same corporation.  I guess I could say that the Mission is all “mom and pop”, if mom and pop are single and pushing 40.

The young man in the video can talk about violence as being “counterproductive”, and certainly not every occupoid is violent.  But all occupiers know about the violent wing of their movement and still chose to associate with them.  Some Occupy fellow travelers hope that the violence that began with Starbucks, Whole Foods and Foot Locker will end with those corporations.  Vladimir Lenin would call them “useful idiots”.   A half a year ago, a Communist across the Bay explained about that pesky “means of production” thing:

Oh well.  Maybe one day the interviewee will pack up his shop and move to Walnut Creek.

For more local gossip about the May Day riots in SF see Capitol Commentary.


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  1. I don’t know who is more retarded… the idiots who destroy stuff or the morons who excuse it.

    Too bad there is not “stand your ground” law in Kalifornia.

    Comment by Harrison — May 2, 2012 @ 11:50 am

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