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May 4, 2012

Calling All Julias (And Sandras)

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Temple of Mut has an excellent post on Democrat efforts to unionize childcare.  Given the declining membership, unions are desperate to find new workers from whom to collect dues, and several states are attempting to unionize babysitters.  Can a scheme like that work?

[O]nce a babysitter gets unionized, how easy would it be to fire them? The LA Times, no bastion of conservative thought, posted this chestnut: Firing teachers can be a costly and tortuous task. Such a situation tends to attract unsavory characters, from whom mothers normally wish to protect their children.

So, as with much of progressive policies, this one is chock full of unintended consequences. Unionizing childcare will force moms to chose between staying home and raising kids in a safe environment, or hiring pricey and potentially unqualified/dangerous individuals to watch their babies while they work — paying excessively high taxes while they do so.

If this situation will make staying home look like an increasingly attractive option, think again.  Last November Madame ex-Speaker promised to regaining Democratic majority in the House campaigning on a federal childcare platform.  Taking this scenario into account, childcare providers will not only be substandard and prohibitively expensive if customers are to pay out of pocket, you and I will be obligated to pitch in, even if we don’t use their services through federal taxes.

Unionized federal childcare: Tell me about that free birth control, again.


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