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May 7, 2012

More #Occupy Oakland Child Abuse

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Zombie has two terrific photo-essays on the May Day rioters wannabes downtown Oakland and a separate minority May Day.  She documented anarchists trying to start some sort of scuffle with police downtown.  Anywho, for a while I was compiling evidence of Occupiers bringing their kids to the crime- and disease-infested camps and the obvious effort of organizers to encourage people to do so.  Admittedly, it was an easy task, and a busy mom like myself appreciates posts that are easy to write.

Thankfully,this time I didn’t see any pictures of minors in the immediate vicinity of the Oakland would-be riot, but there is a video that shows kids working on an #Occupy arts and crafts project, together with a young lady showing her underwear — not that anyone in this day and age finds this display objectionable.  I’m not sure where these kids were hanging out, but judging by the wide sidewalks, it must had been downtown.

Zombie has pictures of people taking their kids to a separate “decolonize” Oakland event, presumably intended for the minorities who felt that white patriarchy dominate #Occupy Oakland.

Check out this baby:

occupy oakland may day 2012

Violent rhetoric and the baby “worn” over the vital organs.  What’s the message here, exactly?

Somebody entrusted a little boy with a picture of a revolutionary who didn’t get to be Joseph Stalin:

occupy oakland tot

“Regeneration”… with Trotsky’s blood?

At that event, kids were exposed to some… er… interesting messages.  “Stay brown” is it like “stay white”, but for Mexicans, or a suggestion to not bleach one’s skin, because I can agree with the second.

Stay brown

A lovely Tuesday evening

The majority of Occupiers probably think that children belong to their events.  Witness this representative female specimen.  She’s spotting a keffiyah, an item worn in solidarity with notorious child abusers.  Recall Palestinian terrorists putting children in the frontlines.  In addition, she is wearing an oktyabryonok (child of October) pin (red star with the Lenin child in the middle) that was mandatory for Soviet children ages 7-10 — another great symbol of child abuse and brainwash.

may day 2012

Complete with call for violence

And while we are talking of keffiyahs, here is completely unrelated picture from Occupy Oakland May Day rally featuring a maiden about 1/2 Eastern European peasant circa 1937 and 1/2 Arabian free spirit.:

Occupy Oakland May Day

It is always important to dress appropriately for the rally. Behave appropriately, too. I mean, if you look at the Zombie report, some ladies were expressing solidarity with the Russian band Pussy Riot who are about to stand trial for protesting Putin. In this context, the least a girl can do is to exhibit a little PDA.


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  1. And the school kids in the USSR got to wear Stalin or Lenin pins depending upon age. And the Jews in Germany got to wear stars. Let’s make an art project out of it.

    Silly Liberals brainwashing their kids.

    The new Wizard of Oz:

    Mites, Ticks, and Scabbies oh, my!


    Comment by Harrison — May 8, 2012 @ 11:33 pm

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