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June 29, 2012

Justice Roberts Spins the Busytown Mysteries Wheel

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DH suggests that we replace SCOTUS with Busytown Mysteries spinning wheel.  Unlike SCOTUS and like all other creations of the superb children’s book author Richard Scarry, Busytown is charming.  It is our opinion that Busytown Mysteries has to be the cutest board game out there.  Since the Obamacare majority opinion is sloppily written, has little to do with the Constitution and Justice Roberts himself probably doesn’t believe a word he wrote, why not a spinning wheel?

Richard Scarry Busytown

If the arrow points to “Pig eats” a pre-K class gets to write the majority opinion. If it points to “Goldbug” you get to be on the right side of history

But enough about Obamacare.  Here is some good news: blogger buddy Leslie Loftis of American Housewife [Sometimes] in London fame is now blogging for PJLifestyle.  Wow!  Fix your bookmarks.

Count on the Jerusalem Post to complicate things.  The Catholic church hired Alinsky to break up communist cells?  I recall reading in National Review that Alinsky loved mayhem more than any kind of ideology.

Sarah Hoyt says that she is a culturist, which is funny because that’s what DH says about himself.

Jonah Goldberg has a book on language, but here is Thomas Sowell talking about the left advancing statism through language distortions.

Anne’s Opinions has a comprehensive discussion of Putin’s recent visit to Israel.

Gateway Pundit: Muslims in Dearborn shout “Allahu akbar” and stone Christians.

Two thirds of Americans think Barack Obama is better suited to handle an alien invasion than Mitt Romney.  They are probably right.

Bookworm Room notes the absence of Obama bumper stickers in SF and LA.  I don’t recall a lot of stickers in ’08 either, but in that election Obama merch was everywhere — canvass bags, onesies and the like.  Back then the long primary season generated plenty of enthusiasm for the black nominee, and the chic O logo was in vogue.  This year, I see no Obama 2012 merchandize, and stickers, although they’ve been appearing here and there, are even less common.  I say about 20% of all Obama automobile signage I see here in the Bay Area is still the classic ’08 edition.

Speaking of the Obama campaign, I saw a few bloggers (don’t remember where I saw it) noting his whiny email about the very distinct possibility of being outspent this year.  Yet another Obama campaign email told me to hurry up and enter one of his dinner raffles:

I wasn’t a math major or anything, but I know my way around a calculator.

Your chances of winning Dinner with Barack are MUCH better than you might think.

This isn’t some super-mega-never-gonna-win lottery. It’s not like getting struck by lightning or eaten by a bear — or whatever people say when they’re trying to get across that something is really, really rare.

More likely than being struck by lightning — yep, that’s a pretty good chance… oh, wait!  Are they telling me the dinner with Barack scam is not very popular?


June 28, 2012

Taxing Non-Participation in Economic Activity

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This morning’s SCOTUS ruling was a 5:4 decision, with Justice Roberts probably bullied into siding with the four liberal justices.  Out of these four, Justice Kagan should have recused herself because as Solicitor General she defended Obamacare.  Being a partisan hack, she didn’t.  Temple of Mut illustrates the result.

Mitt raised over a million dollars after the decision came down and Congressional Republicans vowed to fight. Even if Obamacare won’t stand, Rush explains why the ruling is such a horrible precedent.  Per SCOTUS, federal government can tax not just income or property, but individual behavior, thereby the power of federal government is now unlimited:

What now?

June 27, 2012

A “Human Rights” Perv

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A few months ago, I wrote about about the trails and tribulations of Ross Mircarimi a wife beater, fraudster and California green Party co-founder and then San Francisco Sheriff.  I also wrote about Nadia Lockyer, the young third wife of the State Treasurer Bill Lockyer, an Alameda County Supervisor and a former rising Democratic star turned methhead with sex tape.

Bay Area sex tape

Nadiya Lockeyr is a little freakish looking, at least in this picture, but I still get visitors looking for her sex tape

Now the Bay Area can proudly boast a “human rights” pervert.  LGBT activist Larry Brinkin served on the SF Human Rights Commission and is now arrested for child porn:

The search warrant is a comprehensive list of terribles: images of year-old infants subjected to sodomy and oral sex, and perverse racial comments (Brinkin’s email: “I loved especially the 2 year old n—– getting nailed. Hope you’ll continue so I can see what the little blond b—- is going to get. White Power! White Supremacy! White D— Rules!”).

My link is to Breitbart, but I first heard the news on the radio.  DH, however, went to the sfgate cite yesterday.  Although there was no prominent link to the story on the front page, it was the number one story in terms of traffic.

According to their Wiki page, the San Fran Human Rights Commission is currently engaged in areas like “sanctuary city ordinance enforcement” (because avoiding detention for violation of law is a human right), anti-bullying (because not getting into an altercation with a fellow 9-year-old is a human right) or “comprehensive healthcare for the transgender community” (because routine hormone injection is a human right).  Whereas the SF Human Rights Commission recently opposed engagement with ICE, this refusal to cooperate with the federal law enforcement agencies is probably no longer necessary given that the Obama regime is poo-pooing the enforcement of immigration law these days.  And if that’s not bad enough, HRC was instrumental in the recent San Francisco’s overhaul of its cooperation with FBI counter-terrorism efforts.  Because as everyone knows, to suspect Muslims in perpetrating acts of terrorism is racist.  ‘White D— Rules!” on the other hand, is not.

Ross and Nadia are now out of job, and Larry Brinkin had retired a few years ago.  Neither of the three comes anywhere close to the murderous villainy of the 1970s San Fransisco political player Jim Jones.  But I’m not reassured because what seems to be missing in the Bay Area is thorough soul-searching.  Because how in the world does the town fall under the spell of so many evil creeps?

UPDATES: The latest on Mrs. Ross Mircarimi is that she is aching to see her husband — and testify on his behalf.

The Daley Gator has a round up of Larry Brinkin news.

June 24, 2012

Egyptian Imperialism

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The good news is that he barely squeaked in.  Egyptians elected a Muslim Brother Mohamed Morsi to be the President of their country.  Here he is, rapping that Egyptian capital shell not be Cairo, Mecca or Medina, but Jerusalem:

However, in may this year, an overwhelming majority of Egyptians (75% to be exact) said that they don’t want war with Israel, and 56% think it’s important to continue with the peace treaty.  One suspects they tried in 1948, 1967 and finally learned their lesson in 1973.  Still, their saber rattling should be taken seriously.  Israel should be prepared for war and the US should withhold aid.  A full-blown hot war, however, is probably not going to happen.

June 23, 2012

Lots of Courage to Go Around

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Ladies, you are so brave.  In this post-Sex and the City world the decision to remain childless is a test of courage, you tell me.

Lots of people are brave these days.  Flipping off Ronald Reagan can pass for courage in certain circles.  I first heard of the activists at the gay pride White House reception on the radio.  I was somehow under the impression that they were having fun, but then I looked up the picture.  I dono… if you are going to flip off a portrait of a United States President, at least show a bit of an attitude.  And by the way, did you know that Reagan was a champion of gay rights?

Philli gay activists at 1st white house pride reception

Remember when gay people knew how to party? This one looks like the government has been rationing her Prozac.

I’m sure Alice Walker thinks of herself as brave.  She must; she’s a raving anti-Semite.

On to a different subject-matter, King Shamus has a parody of a certain WW2 Brit poster here.

Are Americans losing faith in public schools?  Only 29% express confidence in the latest Gallup survey (Via Instapudit).  Lack of confidence in public schools might be not unlike the lack of confidence in Congress.  Nobody likes them, but everyone likes their own.  Not to say that all people like their public schools, but many do; that’s why they bought their houses in the vicinity.

Thomas Sowell said (via Conservatives on Fire):

Whatever the merits or demerits of the Obama immigration policy, his Executive Order is good only as long as he remains president, which may be only a matter of months after this year’s election.

People cannot plan their lives on the basis of laws that can suddenly appear, and then suddenly disappear, in less than a year. To come forward today and claim the protection of the Obama Executive Order is to declare publicly and officially that your parents entered the country illegally. How that may be viewed by some later administration is anybody’s guess.

I don’t think this “law” will disappear.  I mean, really, after granting this amnesty we will not take it away, particularly considering that some sort of legislature of this kind was coming.  It’s a particularly nasty way to grant it, but oh well.  Anyhow, Romney makes His Pitch to Hispanics.  I know Romney wants to stay on message, which is the economy, but it’s Obamster who put assault weapons into the hands of drug lords, the weapons that ended up killing Mexicans.  In a long run, “Hispanic” immigrants are yesterday’s news, and Republicans should be courting Asians since they seem to be the next wave of immigrants.

Obama Putin

Is that what happens when that *reset* button is hit?

A carnival of Obama fundraising ideas.

Obamanation Presidential guest edition.

Maggie, who’s blogging again, is telling me that the former Obama CBO director thinks voting should be mandatory.  In the Soviet Union we had something like a 99.9% participation rate with 99.9% voting for the one guy on the ballot.  Everyone just sort of went to the polls because that’s how it’s done, but my big sis, once she reached the voting age, didn’t much care for that.  She’s always been an apolitical kind, G-d bless her.  On the evening of the election day we had poll workers knocking on our door telling her to go vote because they are tired of waiting for her and want to go home.  After the poll workers made a few visits, and my grandparents were a bit freaked out, she made it to the polling place.

Most voter fraud probably goes undetected, but The Daley Gator has an instance, and a union boss is involved.

Guns don’t kill people, bodies of water do!

Warn your liberal friends: That $3 dinner with Barack can cost them hundreds in taxes (and that’s not counting the tax hikes we shall see if he gets his way).

June 19, 2012

Hey Obama! Immigrants Come to the US for the Rule of Law

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Last Friday, announcing his amnesty by executive decree, President Obama said:

This is a temporary stop-gap measure that let’s us focus our resources wisely while giving a degree of relief and hope to talented, driven, patriotic young people.

Makes me wonder if there is any group of foreigners who would like to move here that Obama is not willing to describe as “talented” and “driven” who would not be absolutely exited about the opportunity to become Americans.  Yet I feel slanted because the executive amnesty was an obviously a ploy to psych up the Mexican vote.

In 2011, the majority of H1B visa seekers were Indian, who, together with other Asian immigrants, now comprise the largest demographic of newcomers.  Considering their educational level, it’s hard to make an argument that they are not talented and driven.  DH talks to Indian Americans at work (super anecdotal, I know). They say that the reason Indians like to come to the United States is for the property rights and the rule of law.  Turns out, in India when one tries to buy land from the government, the government takes the money, but the transfer of property sometimes takes years.  Here, on the other hand, once an immigrant gets established, buying a home is easy.

The rule of law was something that we coveted in the Soviet Union.  There was precious little of that behind the Iron Curtain, of course, and before the Bolshevik Revolution, Russia was governed by men, not laws.  The destiny of the imperial subjects were decided by whims of the lords and the bureaucrats.  It’s not much different today under Putin, and the circumstances of the Russian people are unlikely to change for the better with the coming ascent of the newest reincarnation of The Black Hundreds.*

In May 2011, a record 22% of adult Russians told posters that they wish to immigrate.  In an article that made rounds among Russian speakers worldwide, 25-year-old Viktoria explained that she wants to leave because of her countrymen’s lack of respect for the individual “bordering” on fascism.  Bordering?  Another blogger countered that the Russian dream of immigration will not end well because Russians themselves will not survive in a land governed by laws, not dough.  (X-rated Russian expressions in his post, but pretty darn funny).  So please note, I’m not advocating absorbing 22% of population of the Russian Federation into this country because in a mass migration of this kind, half of these new green card holders will be proud America-hating Russian nationalists somehow affiliated with one pogrom movement or another.  But, given how Russian speakers trend Republican at the moment, nobody is interested in letting us here in large numbers anyway.

Those who come to the American shores from Russia and India are highly educated.  The peasants from Cancun or Guatemala, on the other hand, might think of the US as the land of milk and honey, but might lack the sophistication to make the connection between prosperity and the rule of law.  Something tells me that Barack Obama is hoping that they don’t, which is kind of racist.

In the US, everyone is supposed to bound by law, including the President who can’t pick and chose which laws to enforce.  Yet Obama decided to bypass Congress and grant Amnesty to Mexicans. If the President does not wish to obey the law in this instance, who is to say that we are not going to find ourselves at his mercy in other circumstances.  Without the checks and balances designed by the Founders, it is all to easy for an executive to send some goons to your house and take it away.  This is not why we come here.


*While I was looking for a link to The Black Hundreds, I found a hipster doofus band from Lincoln, NE under that very name.  Another hipster doofus band, The Black Hundred, is located in Melbourne, Australia.  I suppose since the name Joy Division was taken decades ago, hipsters are reduced to naming themselves after semi-obscure (unless you are a Russian or a Jew) pogromshchiks.

hipster nazis

The Black Hundreds. True gentlemen, no doubt

June 14, 2012

Leftie Says: “Raus!”

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Or in hip hop speak, “Peace out”, although I have to say that in my nearly 20 years of living in and around Oakland I never heard anyone use this phrase, except maybe ironically.  But a few days ago, a fellow loftily named Evolutionisfact stopped by, and after reading a post or two commented on the one about SF not being family friendly:

Wow! i can’t believe it! Uppity, tight as*ed mommies gettin’ their panties all in a proverbial bunch because we don’t force church services and PTA meetings down everyone’s throat here in the GREATEST city in the world. Don’t want your little johnny or josie exposed to the hardcore reality of poverty try taking them on a stroll through the bronx sweetheart! don’t want your poor, innocent little tykes seeing nude men(or women) then try relocating to an amish colony! Reality is what it is sweethearts. if you’re THAT scared of it DON’T HAVE ANY DAMN KIDS!! Peace out! San Francisco LONG MAY YOU STAND!!!

Since this comment was left on an old post, few if any of my readers will get a chance to see it, which is a shame.  So I figured I’ll repost it and give it a close read.

For starters let me note that for a person of presumably loose posterior Evolutionisfact is awfully self-censoring.  I approved his  (I’m trying to bring back the use of “he” as a sexless pronoun) comment in its entirety, without changing a symbol.  Judging by the tenor and the subject matter, the paragraph calls for a profanity or two, but Evolutionisfact cut himself short of spelling out the single lewd word he dared to use.  If we start removing letters from offending words, next thing you know we’ll be putting shrugs over Michelangelo’s David.  In lib parlance this troll is an effing hypocrite, and being a “tight as*ed momm[y]” I can sensor myself).

There is always some sort of dope running around here trying to convince everyone that public nudity is like cool, and natural, and part of urban life and all.  And Americans are like so uptight.  I call this type of people self-hating suburbanites.  They move to a big city, witness a few failures of civilization, and mistake them for the essence of city life.  I suggested that for a crash course in urban civilization Evolutionisfact should visit Paris and try to panhandle or expose himself there, but it’s really not necessary.  Civilized people don’t permit this kind of behavior; even San Franciscans are outraged, and for quite some time long time residents have been moving out to start families.

Speaking of Paris, where did Evolutionisfact get the idea that San Francisco is the greatest city in the world?  Prior to 1967, San Francisco was a charming city, and, as DH likes to say, it still is, if the visitors are to fix their stare at the second story level.  The City is blessed with a fabulous landscape — hills, fog, views of the Bay.  Food is good, but I don’t like how it’s granted redemptive (local! sustainable! organic!) status.  The museums are not exactly world class, and the art scene is sub par.  The SF Orchestra performs with Metallica, unironically from what I can tell, and much of the theater district is infested with drug addicts.  Although Victorian houses are cute and downtown has easily recognizable skyline, recent approved-by-committee constructions are mediocre.  San Francisco is vehemently anti-skyscraper, with the skyscraper being, of course, phallic, so they ended up erecting a bunch of undistinguished mid-level buildings South of Market.

And people… Somehow San Franciscans figured it’s enlightened to attract individuals in dire need of mental health services, without mandating the services.  The resulting accumulation of human misery doesn’t bode well for the city’s inhabitants.  I’m going to say that too many people in SF enjoy the sight of the indigent inhabitants because it reminds them how good it is to be a lefty who cares about them when the evil conservatives would throw them off the cliff.  San Franciscans, on the other hand, don’t mind that their city is running in the red and that much of the downtown office space is vacant.

San Franciscans pride themselves on being tolerant, but Evolutionisfact’s little rant shows otherwise.  Say or do something they don’t like, and they’ll accuse you of shoving it ” down everyone’s throat”.  Of course, San Francisco pays lip service to multiculturalism, but their multiculturalism is skin deep.  Everyone wants to eat Burma Thai and wear keffiyahs, but in most cases people from different ethnic backgrounds do their best to ignore each other (save, of course, nerdy Asians who hang out with nerdy whites, not that there is anything wrong with being nerdy).

The loosely-posterioried troll is, of course, a totalitarian; that’s the thing about people that lack self-control, they needs others to tell them what to think and do.  He tells me that if I don’t want my pre-schooler “exposed to the hardcore reality of poverty” I will have to leave.  (The “the hardcore reality of poverty” on display in SF can be better described as the failure of the blue state model.)  I hope Evolutionisfact doesn’t care to expose children to, say, “hardcore reality” of war by moving his family to a war zone, after all, he’s against sheltering people.  I don’t, but I will also explain to kids that violence is part of human nature, and that they need to learn to defend themselves.  I will teach them that gun ownership is a Constitutional right.  Evolutionisfact may well move to a Quaker colony.

Evolutionisfact is seriously confused if he thinks that a Jewish immigrant from the Soviet Union is seriously ticked off by the mere mention of Darwin or that his “DON’T HAVE ANY DAMN KIDS!! ” argument will work on conservatives.  Honey, the future of this country is conservative because we are the only ones having kids these days.  In fact, blue America has been so bad at leaving progeny, Democrats have had to resort to importing voters from Mexico.  And guess what!  A few decades from now California will be majority Mexican, and given how Hispanics are church-going social conservatives, you won’t be able to get an abortion here.

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