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June 14, 2012

Leftie Says: “Raus!”

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Or in hip hop speak, “Peace out”, although I have to say that in my nearly 20 years of living in and around Oakland I never heard anyone use this phrase, except maybe ironically.  But a few days ago, a fellow loftily named Evolutionisfact stopped by, and after reading a post or two commented on the one about SF not being family friendly:

Wow! i can’t believe it! Uppity, tight as*ed mommies gettin’ their panties all in a proverbial bunch because we don’t force church services and PTA meetings down everyone’s throat here in the GREATEST city in the world. Don’t want your little johnny or josie exposed to the hardcore reality of poverty try taking them on a stroll through the bronx sweetheart! don’t want your poor, innocent little tykes seeing nude men(or women) then try relocating to an amish colony! Reality is what it is sweethearts. if you’re THAT scared of it DON’T HAVE ANY DAMN KIDS!! Peace out! San Francisco LONG MAY YOU STAND!!!

Since this comment was left on an old post, few if any of my readers will get a chance to see it, which is a shame.  So I figured I’ll repost it and give it a close read.

For starters let me note that for a person of presumably loose posterior Evolutionisfact is awfully self-censoring.  I approved his  (I’m trying to bring back the use of “he” as a sexless pronoun) comment in its entirety, without changing a symbol.  Judging by the tenor and the subject matter, the paragraph calls for a profanity or two, but Evolutionisfact cut himself short of spelling out the single lewd word he dared to use.  If we start removing letters from offending words, next thing you know we’ll be putting shrugs over Michelangelo’s David.  In lib parlance this troll is an effing hypocrite, and being a “tight as*ed momm[y]” I can sensor myself).

There is always some sort of dope running around here trying to convince everyone that public nudity is like cool, and natural, and part of urban life and all.  And Americans are like so uptight.  I call this type of people self-hating suburbanites.  They move to a big city, witness a few failures of civilization, and mistake them for the essence of city life.  I suggested that for a crash course in urban civilization Evolutionisfact should visit Paris and try to panhandle or expose himself there, but it’s really not necessary.  Civilized people don’t permit this kind of behavior; even San Franciscans are outraged, and for quite some time long time residents have been moving out to start families.

Speaking of Paris, where did Evolutionisfact get the idea that San Francisco is the greatest city in the world?  Prior to 1967, San Francisco was a charming city, and, as DH likes to say, it still is, if the visitors are to fix their stare at the second story level.  The City is blessed with a fabulous landscape — hills, fog, views of the Bay.  Food is good, but I don’t like how it’s granted redemptive (local! sustainable! organic!) status.  The museums are not exactly world class, and the art scene is sub par.  The SF Orchestra performs with Metallica, unironically from what I can tell, and much of the theater district is infested with drug addicts.  Although Victorian houses are cute and downtown has easily recognizable skyline, recent approved-by-committee constructions are mediocre.  San Francisco is vehemently anti-skyscraper, with the skyscraper being, of course, phallic, so they ended up erecting a bunch of undistinguished mid-level buildings South of Market.

And people… Somehow San Franciscans figured it’s enlightened to attract individuals in dire need of mental health services, without mandating the services.  The resulting accumulation of human misery doesn’t bode well for the city’s inhabitants.  I’m going to say that too many people in SF enjoy the sight of the indigent inhabitants because it reminds them how good it is to be a lefty who cares about them when the evil conservatives would throw them off the cliff.  San Franciscans, on the other hand, don’t mind that their city is running in the red and that much of the downtown office space is vacant.

San Franciscans pride themselves on being tolerant, but Evolutionisfact’s little rant shows otherwise.  Say or do something they don’t like, and they’ll accuse you of shoving it ” down everyone’s throat”.  Of course, San Francisco pays lip service to multiculturalism, but their multiculturalism is skin deep.  Everyone wants to eat Burma Thai and wear keffiyahs, but in most cases people from different ethnic backgrounds do their best to ignore each other (save, of course, nerdy Asians who hang out with nerdy whites, not that there is anything wrong with being nerdy).

The loosely-posterioried troll is, of course, a totalitarian; that’s the thing about people that lack self-control, they needs others to tell them what to think and do.  He tells me that if I don’t want my pre-schooler “exposed to the hardcore reality of poverty” I will have to leave.  (The “the hardcore reality of poverty” on display in SF can be better described as the failure of the blue state model.)  I hope Evolutionisfact doesn’t care to expose children to, say, “hardcore reality” of war by moving his family to a war zone, after all, he’s against sheltering people.  I don’t, but I will also explain to kids that violence is part of human nature, and that they need to learn to defend themselves.  I will teach them that gun ownership is a Constitutional right.  Evolutionisfact may well move to a Quaker colony.

Evolutionisfact is seriously confused if he thinks that a Jewish immigrant from the Soviet Union is seriously ticked off by the mere mention of Darwin or that his “DON’T HAVE ANY DAMN KIDS!! ” argument will work on conservatives.  Honey, the future of this country is conservative because we are the only ones having kids these days.  In fact, blue America has been so bad at leaving progeny, Democrats have had to resort to importing voters from Mexico.  And guess what!  A few decades from now California will be majority Mexican, and given how Hispanics are church-going social conservatives, you won’t be able to get an abortion here.



  1. “Honey, the future of this country is conservative because we are the only ones having kids these days. In fact, blue America has been so bad at leaving progeny, Democrats have had to resort to importing voters from Mexico. And guess what! A few decades from now California will be majority Mexican, and given how Hispanics are church-going social conservatives, you won’t be able to get an abortion here.”

    Very well said!

    Comment by Conservatives on Fire — June 15, 2012 @ 9:46 am

  2. “In fact, blue America has been so bad at leaving progeny, Democrats have had to resort to importing voters from Mexico.”

    The future goes to those who show up for it, as Mark Steyn says.

    Also, watch how Hispanics split over the next few years. Caribbean Latinos are different from Central American Hispanics are different from Central American Hispanics. Hell, the politics of the Cuban-American vote is very different from immigrants from the Dominican Republic. That differentiation is going to cause splits in what Democrats think is just their locked-in monolithic voting bloc.

    Comment by KingShamus — June 15, 2012 @ 1:51 pm

    • I think you meant to say “North American Hispanics”. You are right, Hispanics are sort of lumped together, but they are far from monolithic. There are Mexicans, there are Hondurans, and there and Indians who actually don’t speak Spanish but for *some reason* considered Hispanic.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — June 16, 2012 @ 9:56 pm

  3. […] blog-mom-friend, Sitting at the Edge of the Sandbox, deconstructs an Occu-wannabe, who posted quite the nasty gram in…. Well worth a visit, for the awesomeness of her […]

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  4. Problem with SF is it’s riddled.with Liberals who tend to be highly intolerant and self-indulgent hence the “if you don’t like it leave” mentality.

    Comment by Harrison — June 18, 2012 @ 11:15 pm

  5. Well said! You have more patience than I to spend so much time deconstructing his smug rant!

    Comment by barrycjacobsen — June 19, 2012 @ 12:10 am

    • Thank you for stopping by.
      I don’t have a lot of trolls, so it’s nice to have someone to destroy every once and a while.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — June 19, 2012 @ 10:17 pm

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