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October 29, 2012

Desperate College Girls

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A few days ago I noted the eery resemblance between Putin’s party “Lets Do It Together” ad and Obama for America girls’ “do it in the voting booth” tees.  And now, in a desperate attempt to court them ladyparts, O released an ad starring somebody by the name of Lena Dunham comparing voting for a 50-year-old man with big ears to losing your virginity, which by some strange coincidence happened to be a remake of another Putin ad.  Behold:

The 26-year-old Lena had a chance to pull the lever for O[h-oh-oh] in 08, during his virgin Presidential election because raving about the 2012 early voting is like bragging about attending a Woodstock anniversary concert.  However, 08 shouldn’t be her “first time” either unless she missed the chance to vote for the guy who wed a ketchup heiress, which is hard to imagine considering her hard left tendencies.  Lying about her “first time”… tisk-tisk-tisk.

On Legal Insurrection we find an Aussie “first time” commercial, and learned that Ronald Reagan once joked about voting Republican for the first time.  I’m sure we can find more obscure instances if we dig deep enough, but how many of them obsess about virgin voting for a specific man?  It was Putin’s campaign that got a good deal of attention in the English-speaking world just a few months ago, not some obscure Australian politician recording that looks like a public service announcement. Plus, Dunham chirps about the voting booth curtains, which sounds like something from “Lets Do It Together” electoral orgasm.

Putin voting booth girl

She’ll probably be more flexible after the election

Towards the end of his vacuous 2012 campaign jump-started by “Putin’s Army” of shirt-ripping alleged co-eds, the Russian strongman issued at least three virgin ads.  The most famous one had a virgin discuss her “first time” with a psychic before heading to the polling place.  In the other two we watch virgins consult a doctor and a shrink.

I couldn’t find the ad with psychoanalyst, but the reference to it is here.  And speaking of psychoanalysis, wasn’t O[h-oh-oh]’s mom’s maiden name Dunham?  Then we learn that whereas Obama virgin ad are cool and all, and, according to The Atlantic at least, only “old white men” can find a fault with it, Putin virgin ads were “creepy”.  Go figure.

Putin’s virgins were looking for a man who’d make them feel safe “like behind the brick wall”, but O[h-oh-oh]’s virgin is looking for a man who’d make her safe with regulations like The Lilly Ledbetter Act.  (Lilly Ledbetter, is that her real name?)  Also, Putin ‘s quaint virgin was convinced that the first time has to be “for love”, after which anything goes, presumably.  O[h-oh-oh]’s virgin wants “a great guy… who cares”.  She must be looking for an Earth-shattering experience… or not.

From Mitt Romney's high school yearbook

Etch-a-Sketch forever: Mitt Romney met his future wife in high school.  Don’t give up on love!

Even though Russian women outnumber their male compatriots by a greater percentage than anywhere else on Earth, Putin’s commercials are not geared towards women.  His ads were designed to project the image of masculine vigor and give Russian men something to identify with.  The Dwarf’s obsession with masculinity is a topic for a whole different story. The point I’m making here is that the women in his commercials are hot.

Obama, on the other hand, is targeting the single white female vote.  Dunham’s ad is described “sexy”, but it’s not sexy at all.  It is safe.  It stars a gal whose heterosexuality is not immediately obvious making innuendos about a non-threatening man twice her age.  She’s supposed to be the cool big sis — if parroting Putin is cool.  It might help the President to get out the desperate college girl vote, maybe, but he should have had this demographic bagged by now.

At this point I wouldn’t be surprised if O[h-oh-oh] would produce a Slutwalk Army, sort of like Putin’s Army, but Putin rented his girls from a modeling agency.  OFA will turn out moderately overweight chicks who spend their spare time filling out applications to grad schools.  And in grad schools they will, once again, find themselves outnumbering the men.


October 25, 2012

Ann Romney for A Better J Crew Catalog

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Did Ann Romney’s teal dress erase the gender gap?  Our future First Lady wore the dress by a designer whose name I will not mention to the foreign policy debate at Lynn University.  The color popped on TV screens and complimented her complexion.  O’s fabulous wifie, inexplicably, wore a gray cocktail lace dress by the same designer.

foreign policy debate

A woman who knows what works for her

I’m ready for a First Lady with bigger ambitions than to serve as a walking billboard for brown-nosing fashion industry insiders.  One problem with designers getting too cozy with politicians is that designers are typically nuts, and not in a good way.  Fox News reported that the notorious American Vogue editor Anna Wintour enlisted designers like Marc Jacobs to create Obama 2012 merchandize. There are many things wrong  with Marc Jacobs (and I don’t mean his bizarre style).  For instance, he knowingly hires underage models, the practice Anna Wintour pledged to stamp out.

Marc Jacobs underage models 2012

In February 2012, as the American Presidential campaign was gathering momentum, Barack Obama backer Marc Jacobs (center) sent two underage models (on his left and his right) down the runway. Forget Michelle, perhaps he should outfit Barack

Jackie Kennedy was a fashion plate, but she was the youngest First Lady in history.  For this reason alone there will probably never be “the next Jackie”.  Matronly Obama’s sartorial options are limited by her age and the imperfections of her figure.  Every time her consultants put her in an inappropriate outfit, her faux pas are amplified by her status.  She comes across as somebody who tries too hard, and fails, and makes fool of herself and her office.  Michelle should have stopped competing with Jackie a long time ago.

michelle obama style

Who can forget this one?

It’s not just that Michelle won’t leave fashion alone; the fashion industry that won’t let go of her.  Wintour seems hell-bent on dragging FLOTUS’s formidable behind across the finish line, and The Daily Mail has pictures to prove it (hat tip to Leslie Loftis).  Michelle Malkin has a great essay on the little fascist Wintour commanding fashion insiders to back Obama, in the process alienating half of their customers.  Overtly political designers whose names, again, I’m not going to mention, should keep their fingers crossed that conservative women can’t care less about their little political tantrums and will buy their product regardless.

There are rebels in the industry, though.  Malkin quotes the terrific designer and brave man Bradley Scott:

Young New York City designer Bradley Scott also spoke up against ideological “persecution” in his industry. “It’s really offensive for me, as a designer, to be issued an unveiled threat by someone who could exert an enormous amount of influence over my customers, store buyers and magazine editors,” he told me on Tuesday. “I for one want absolutely nothing to do with this attack on women. This pressure upon designers should offend every woman in this country, not just the conservatives.”

Of course, not every fashion house supports the ‘Bamas in order to placate a queen bee or because, being artists, they are mad as hatters.  Outfitting a First Lady is an honor, even if her taste is questionable.  Early on Michelle indicated willingness to incorporate J Crew in her get ups, and the fashion house went crazy for her.  Michelle’s consultants figured she needs to wear color (because she’s black?), and the J Crew catalog exploded with blinding hues.  I don’t suppose they will design for Ann Romney, but if Michelle is gone, they will move on to a different aesthetic, which is a kind of progress.

J Crew November 2012

Their November 2012 production. Somehow I doubt many American women would like to wear this pallet

P.S. Like his wife, Barack knows how to stay classy.

P.P.S. I don’t see a whole lot Obama yard signs in our bluest blue Alameda county.  It’s not just my town; I go to Oakland regularly, and last weekend I was in Berkeley (yes, Berkeley).  I don’t see a lot of bumper stickers either.  Not much love for Romney here either, of course, but lots of people put up local election signs in their yards.  I somehow don’t recall seeing a lot of Obama yard signage and bumper stickers in 08, but last presidential election cycle merchandise like tot bags and onesies was all the rage.  That was before Anna Wintour became O’s super-duper bundler.  I guess the glorious trendsetter was too busy with September Issue back then.

October 22, 2012

OFA Channels United Russia

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Remember Putin’s party sexed up campaign theme of 2011?  It involved Putin’s Army of models willing to bare their chests for the dictator and an iPad, and a series of ads that had nothing to do with the direction of their country, unless one thinks that the way young women elect to have sex is the single most pressing issue facing Russia today.  Hence “Lets Do It Together”, surely the most ridiculous political ad ever created:

That would never be produced in America, right?  But wait!

Possibly inspired by the recent endorsement of the United States President issued by the former KGB agent, Obama for America NV tweeted the picture of young women named Ashley and Jessica.  The ladies donned identical “Women for Obama” buttons and identical pink t-shirts spotting the message “Do it in the voting booth”.  I doubt many people are interested in where these two particular individuals “do it”.

Proud vagina voters

As widely reported in conservative media, the two gals made up an entire 20% of the crowd at Sandra Fluke’s Obama campaign rally

I guess if we women elect to vote with our lady parts instead of brains, we might find ourselves in dictator territory.  To preserve our republic, please exercise restraint in personal life.

October 19, 2012


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Since I had a positive response to my New Wave post, how about Glam?  Here is the funniest David Bowie parody ever:

And here is Adam Ant with what should be the new Obama campaign theme:

UPDATE: Post of the day on Legal Insurrection — thank you!  For FMJWA, check out Legal Insurrection for another 80’s has-been’s half-hearted and unintentionally entertaining attempt at Obama campaign song.

October 16, 2012

Whatever Happened to The Sensitive Man?

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As soon as the Biden/Ryan Vice Presidential debates ended, a conservative critic noted that Biden, with his condescending, confrontational tone, was sure to loose women.  It’s assumed that women prefer candidates who hold hands and talk about feelings using their inside voices.  I’m sure to certain extent it’s true about the female voter, but I, for one, like a feisty debate; I’m just anti-buffoon.

Once upon the culture war it was decided that stoic masculine ideal is flawed.  Hippies and their likes proclaimed that it’s good to cry, and it’s desirable of men to be “good listeners”.  Second wave feminists championed “sensitive” men in touch with their “female side”.  But guess what? Even if modern day liberals assume that we don’t need men to win wars, somebody still has to win them elections.

So when Obama bombed in the first Presidential debate, the Democratic base attributed his poor performance to his unwillingness to attack Mitt Romney.  The base was reassured to see Biden’s little grimaces and interruptions in the Vice Presidential debate.  Instead of yelling at their TVs, they got to watch an old white man do essentially the same onscreen.

Too bad Biden was the wrong kind of assertive.  Instead of projecting moral and intellectual perfection and confident determination, he radiated insecurity and lack of respect for his opponent, who, although much younger, seemed much more learned and composed.  There is something wrong with people who admire Biden’s performance.

uncle joe biden

In the case of a medical or psychiatric emergency please hang up and call 9-11

Many on the left feel that Biden was some sort of an antidote to too passive O, who barely showed up for the first debate.  Democrats wish Barackster was “Joe Biden without the smirks”, but the smirks is what the two have in common.  Unlike his veep, O wouldn’t interrupt his opponent or the moderator because his typical white grandmother instilled good manners in him (all right, maybe it wasn’t his grandmother, maybe it was his Indonesian missionary school or his elite Hawaiian high school), but watching him on TV I got the sense that were he not on TV, he’d explode — or at least walk out.

Obama first presidential debate

Halfway in Bidenland

After the first Obama Romney debate, Roger Simon observed that we saw an abandoned son unable to confront a good father.  Rush Limbaugh continued with the fathers and sons theme following the veep debate:

Paul Ryan was a son who was a little embarrassed for his father… trying to tell his dad that the world has passed him by […]

Embarrassing fathers, abandoned sons … it’s as if there is a Democratic party masculinity void.  The faithful got rid of the stoic ideal, and failed to come up with anything to replace it.

Elsewhere in the world of post-stoic masculinity, two Democratic Congressional candidates are involved in a brawl and wife-beater Ross Mircarimi is the  “de facto progressive leader” of San Francisco.

Rosanne Barr thinks that women who have sex will vote for Biden (sorry for putting this one in your brain), even though women who have more sex, i.e. married women, lean Republican.  Forget about sex.  According to Gallup, all American women are now turning to the GOP.  Neither the top nor the bottom of the democratic ticket looks like what we seek in men.

October 14, 2012

I Doubt My Readers Like New Wave, But Check This Out!

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Duran Duran bassist John Taylor thought Biden was a d*ck in the debates, and likes Paul Ryan (via Ed Driscoll on Instapundit).  His fellow bandmate Simon Le Bon once volunteered on a kibbutz, after which the band recorded Tel Aviv:

Needless to say, now that an 80s star has  expressed his approval of the Republican Veep candidate, my vote is sealed.

October 12, 2012

Kids Today

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Exhibit 1: We learn from James O’Keefe that the young Obama for America staffers and volunteers facilitate election fraud all around the country.

Obama for America election fraud

Stephanie Caballero of Houston, TX finds election fraud entertaining

Exhibit 2: Anne Sorock has a video of young Obama voters in Wisconsin opining that their guy should had been allowed to use a ‘prompter during the presidential debates.  In the meantime, other Obama supporters appear to wholeheartedly believe that use of any pre-recorded material is against the rules, hence the Romney hanky conspiracy .  And don’t forget that two and a half years prior to the debate Sarah Palin was thoroughly ridiculed for crib notes she had on her hand when she delivered a speech to a Tea Party convention.  Of course, all high-minded people know that Palin is dim whereas Barack, even if he cheats, is still so very enlightened.  In fact, he’s so intelligent it doesn’t even matter if he cheats because we already know that he’s wholly superior to us mortals, and he should be allowed to do what he wants because his intellect is not in question.  Why can’t we just make it easier on him, cancel the debates and declare our Dear Leader the winner?

This is not the country that was shocked by the Watergate.

Exhibit 3: Read the Acculturated essay on The Culture of Cheating on US campuses.  I dabbled in TA’ing a decade ago, and can attest that yes, cheating was pretty widespread.  Granted, a lot of it was among Asian students many of whom come from cultures that do not have the concept of plagiarism.  And granted that it wasn’t nearly as commonplace as what I remember happening in my Soviet high school, or what my big sister did in college.  However, cheating less than the Soviets is not much of an accomplishment.

Cheating on Communist Party History was though of as a righteous deed — and it was, to think of it.  But this is America, and students are not fed propa… never mind.  Well, at least it’s not obvious eye-rolling propaganda, and alternative sources of information do exists, and if an American student dares to express his opinion, this opinion will not be recorded in his file and passed on to potential employers.

I’m not suggesting that American students don’t feel silenced at all, or that they don’t know that their professors encourage politically correct thought.  The kind of atmosphere that discourages free exchange of ideas might also be encouraging plagiarism because if a student can’t write an essay he wishes to write, he will be borrowing other people’s thoughts and ideas to complete his assignments.  And as long as he does that, he might as well go ahead and borrow the actual words.  Yeah, I know, I’m jumping to conclusions here, and there is a gazillion of other factors like the cut and paste internet culture.

To continue on my slippery slope, if it’s OK for a student to cheat in the classroom, then it’s even more justifiable to stuff the ballot box because the stakes are so high, and we, the enlightened ones who’ve been through universities, know what’s best for the country.  Miss Caballero is really a hero, and it’s just too bad she lost her OFA job.  So unfair.  Were she caught cheating in college, she’d get a strongly worded warning.

When we came to the US twenty years ago, my uncle gave us kids a lecture on how in America you have to be honest, and don’t even try to pull your Soviet crap in schools here.  And in any event, you are going to school to prepare yourself for the workforce, and in this country you only get a job if you deserve it.  I don’t know if all college age Russians had to endure this sort of talk, but I never caught a Russian [Jewish, non-foreign exchange most of them] student cheating.  Maybe they are just too good to be caught, or I just didn’t have very many of them.  Meanwhile elections are stolen in Russia, and transparently so, and Russian universities where degrees are bought and sold and plagiarism is ubiquitous don’t rank very high.

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