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July 22, 2013

Busy… Or Not

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It’s been a very busy summer so far, which is why I was unable to do much blogging, including following my blogging buddies for which I apologize profusely.

I did plan some alone time for this weekend, however and when I went to Anthropologie in the City.  Initially I thought I’d do it Friday evening, but it turned out that there was an anti-Zimmerman protest planned at Fruitvale BART.  So, because my children need me, and because the other day the rioters profiled some water at a chi chi restaurant, figured that he didn’t have a gun and smashed him in the face with a hummer, I cancelled that and went the next day.

I went to Anthro where I found two items of interest.  First, a lovely and easy to wear dress to show support for Florida criminal justice:

These exquisite Art Nouveau style pink flamingos practically scream stand your ground

In the wake of George Zimmerman trial, the Congressional Black Caucus may back NAACP’s call for boycott of the state of FL.  Put on this lovely gown and make their blood boil.

Item number two is the proof that American patriots ruined a psychedelic children’s book written by a man who was possibly a child predator* for upper middle class housewives:

Shock the bourgeoisie!

This t-shirt was produced in several patterns, all of them sold out long ago except for, predictably, the tea party.  Anthropologie, what were you thinking?  It’s been awhile since the shirt went on sale for $35, and, as my shopaholic 7th sense in divining, it will go through another reduction soon.  I’d wait.  The Florida tunic, on the other hand, is much more subtle.  The salesgirl was ecstatic about it, and I predict it will fly off the shelves.


I love Alice in Wonderland and I don’t care who the long-deceased creator was.


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  1. Anthro is my favorite store and I love the way you incorporated fashion into your views. Well done!

    Comment by Running1 — July 23, 2013 @ 4:05 am

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