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November 14, 2013

Loosing Innocence

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My six-year-old daughter was screaming her lungs out.  I sent her upstairs to get ready for her ballet class, normally a seamless procedure, save me raising my voice a few times to remind her to stay on task.  She’s an actress, my six-year-old, so, once she started with the yell I had to pause to consider if it was real.  I knew her brother was in the room with her, but he seemed to stay silent.  What could be happening?  I went up.

DD was covering her body with the curtain:

“He just wants to see me naked!”

DS, now four, was dumbfounded.  If being naked means anything at all to him, it’s that it feels rather good, even if mommy and daddy do not approve.

That same night they changed into PJ’s together, so, I guess, the girls in her ballet class were talking modesty which she connected specifically to changing into her leotards.

She’s generally becoming more self-aware.  For instance, she came out with an idea of wishing grandma a happy birthday on a “float”.  The “float” was a large cardboard box in which she was pushing herself.  She made a flag out of a pencil and a paper on which she drew a fancy heart, and she wanted to wave it as she was pushing herself.  She loaded her float with gifts she made for grandma.  Somehow the whole project didn’t work out.  I offered to help, but she immediately became self-conscious.

At the same time she’s very unselfconscious when it comes to her table manners.  She just wants to kind of eat as quickly as possible and then play.  I’m going to miss that once she grows out of that stage.


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