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December 2, 2013

Keeping It Unreal

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Dear friends and readers, happy belated Thanksgiving to you all and happy Hanukkah to fellow members of the tribe.  I’ve been overwhelmed by the holidays and consequently off the net, except when I had to buy presents.

The kids got into a digital pet app called Talking Tom.  I initially downloaded the sample app with only a couple of a few graphics, but then, in a fit of generosity, paid $.99 for the full version that involves the titular cat playing cymbals, catching a bird and farting.  The later action absolutely delights my 4-year-old son.

My daughter saw a Talking Tom plush toy at a store and immediately fell in love.  I found the cat on Amazon for half the price and had to hurry up and order it before Hanukkah is over.  In the meantime she keeps reminding me about how she can’t wait for “the real Tom”.  Real?  The digital pet was there first, he can fart and the owner can chose a hat for him or what not, but he’s not real until she can cradle him in her arms.  I suspected as much about the digital toys and their 3-D replicas.

This Tom doesn’t purr when his belly is rubbed, but we can imagine he does

Having said that, I like a touch of unreality in my life.  When taking care of family gets a little too real, it’s nice to have an online outlet.  So, dear friends and readers, I will see you soon.


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