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March 4, 2014

Ukrainian Outtakes, Updated

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This was filmed last Saturday in Kharkiv:

These men are storming the regional administration building occupied by Maidan activists who moved into this east Ukrainian city when former President Yanukovish fled it.  The building was previously surrendered by the Kharkiv politicians “to avoid bloodshed”.  The occupying activists, by the way, are mostly of the Pravyy Sektor neo-Nazi group.  While surrendering the government building, kharkovites erected a fence around the Lenin monument on Freedom square:

Found on social media under the heading “Our square! Our monument!” is this Lenin. Around him are Ukrainian, Russian and Soviet (?) flags as well as the orange and black military honor ribbon. On the fence are the pictures of the killed Bertkut policemen and various signs

Pravyy Sektor also took over the building of fight club Oplot; the club was involved in a fight against Maidan activists in Kyiv a few months earlier.  The video filmed after the squatters were forced out of Oplot shows damage done to the club, including swastikas and Ukrainian neo-Nazi symbols (sometimes over Soviet symbols) as well as a picture of Nazi collaborationist Stepan Bandera glued to the window.  And — oh yeah – -empty liquor bottles everywhere:

And the people storming these two building in Kharkiv?  They are the ones disenfranchised by the current Ukrainian regime which about half the country does not support.  Some wrapped themselves in Russian flags, screaming “Fascism will not pass” and had some choice words for “banderlogi” or the followers of Bandera.

Frankly, I’m surprised that so many conservatives are convinced that anything good will come out of this (or any other) revolution and poo-pooing the possibility of refugees flowing from east to west and back.  In the southern city of Nikolaev the local Russian speakers almost pushed the protesters from the west into the river.  Ukrainian nationalist from the south-east might flee into the west of the country or the EU.

Here is a graphic I found on social media:

It reads: “Live in Ukraine and hate Ukrainians? There is a solution: Suitcase, train station, Russia”

And here are the refugees from Odessa crying for help in Sevastopol:

A street scene in Russian-speaking Odessa: Pravyy Sektor marching through the city chanting “Moskolei na nozhi” or “Stab moskalis with knives”, moskali being a derogatory term for Russians:

We hear stories of Berkut men stuck in Kyiv hospitals where they are said to be denied medical care and which they can’t leave because they don’t have civilian clothes.  There are stories of people attacked by the mob in Kyiv.

In the western town of Rovno, Maidan leader Alexander Muzychko [aka Sashko Bilyy] of Pravyy Sektor gave his version of “out of my cold dead hands” speech in which he proclaimed his willingness to established a new order by the power of the gun — that’s in a country with a very low rate of gun ownership:

This commissar has little patience for Ukraine’s political elite, on the side of revolution or against it, and despises those who arrived at Maidan rallies in luxury cars.  Muzychko, who fought on the side of the Chechens in the Russo-Chechen wars, is expected to be indicted for threatening a local DA:

Then there is this beyond parody video of Maidan protesters hopping up and down under the Nazi black and red banners and chanting: “The one who isn’t jumping is a Moskal” and then breaking into “Glory to Ukraine — glory to heroes” holler:

A video by Graham Philips from a stand off in Odessa:

People chanting “We will not surrender Odessa”.  Plus, waiving a Stalin flag:


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