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October 10, 2014

Euromaidan’s Legacy and Walesa’s

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Lech Walesa, who really is the Nobel Prise-winning leader of Polish Solidarity movement, back in 199o assured his country that he’s a “100% Pole”.  He recently awarded his eponymous medal to Euromaidan social movement for “the consistency and determination of the thousands living in Ukraine, who, despite the risks, expressed their pro-European and pro-democratic dreams.” Individuals selected to receive the award were:

Olga Bogomolets, Ukrainian singer and doctor, organizer of Euromaidan medical services; currently President Poroshenko’s advisor; Dmytro Bulatov, one of the leaders of the AutoMaidan; currently Minister of Youth and Sports in the Yatsenyuk Government; Tetiana Chornovol, an investigative reporter; currently advisor to Ukraine’s Minister of Internal Affairs;member of the voluntary Azov battalion; Dmytro Gnap, a correspondent reporting to Ukrainians and the world about the events at the Euromaidan; one of the founders of Hromadske TV; Arseniy Yatsenyuk, a politician, currently Ukraine’ s Prime Minister; Vitali Klitschko, a boxer, politician, currently Mayor of Kiev; Ruslana Lyzhychko, a Ukrainian singer and star, politician, Euromaidan participant since the outbreak of protests; Yevhen Nyshchuk, master of ceremonies during the 2004 Maidan Orange Revolution and Euromaidan, currently Minister of Culture in the Yatsenyuk Government; Andriy Parubiy, coordinator of the Euromaidan self-defense, former Secretary of National Security and Defence Council of Ukraine; Oleh Tyahnybok, a politician, leader of the Svoboda Party.

Although both Chornovol and Bulatov are rumored to have Nazi connections with UNA-UNSO, I’m not about to put my honest moniker behind this gossip.  But, I’ll tell you what, Chornovol really is an investigative reporter with an illustrious history of fighting corruption.  Unfortunately, she is also a widow of a volunteer for Azov battalion, the notorious National Guard unit where Ukraine quarantines Nazis.

And here is Dmytro Bulatov, who really was kidnapped and savagely beaten during the winter’s protests.  He is wearing black and red, the colors favored by UNA-UNSO

Parubiy really was a “coordinator of the Euromaidan self-defense”; he is also an alumni of Social-National Party of Ukraine, later renamed Svoboda.  And to think that this men was a Secretary of Defense!

Under the Nazi banners: A younger Parubiy (third from the left) listens as the younger Tyahnybok

Klitschko really was one of the leaders of Euromaidan.  He is also the not too bright mayor of Kiev; ask anyone who speaks Russian or Ukrainian to estimate his intelligence.  Ukrainian politics are a sad scene… Anywho, Klitschko, in his new capacity of mayor of Kiev, cleaned up the camp outs on Independence Square this summer.

Walesa hands over the award to Klitschko. Svoboda’s Tyahnybok, appropriately or not, is on extreme right

Tyahnybok , the co-founder of the above-mentioned Social-National Party of Ukraine, is easily the most repulsive of all characters.  As late as mid-2013 it was perfectly acceptable to accuse Svoboda of fueling anti-Semitism in Ukraine.  Or to point to anti-Semitism in Lviv, Svoboda’s hotbed.  Now this kind of rhetoric will get one accused of being on Putin’s payroll.  Yet nothing  changed about Svoboda, who were always anti-Russian in addition to anti-Semitic — if anything murderous Russophobia was always on the forefront of their agenda.  Of course: Jews (and Poles) are all but gone now.

Speaking of Poles.  Svoboda, Pravy Sektor and their likes celebrate the Hitler-allied Organization of Ukrainian Nationalist and its spawn Ukrainian Insurgent Army.  The latter is responsible for Massacres of Volynya and Galicia in which up to 100K ethnic Poles were murdered.

Polish flag (left) flying in the vicinity of the red and black UPA flag at a January protest near Ukrainian Embassy in London. Now I’ve seen everything

I’m not sure what’s going on in Polish politics right now; I can see why they are a bit insecure about resurgent Russia.  And yet, at this stage of his life Walesa should be more concerned about his legacy than politics, and should know better than to give legitimacy to assorted Nazis.


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