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October 14, 2014

Another Nazi March in Kharkov, Ukraine

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Kharkov, my birthplace and formerly the most tolerant city of Russian Empire, had witnessed another Nazi march.  After successfully dismantling a giant Lenin statue a few weeks ago, Nazis are now staging a torch march in honor of Ukrainian Insurgent Army, a spawn of Nazi-aligned Organization of Ukrainian Nationalist.  Together with OUN, the UPA is responsible for staging pogroms, serving in SS, slaughtering up to 100,000 Poles, burning Belorussian villages and their inhabitants and participated in the Holocaust.  In the post-Soviet period revisionist history of OUN-UPA became increasingly popular, particularly in the eastern Galicia region in the extreme west of the country from which the Nazi variety of Ukrainian nationalism originated.

Co-founder of Ukraine’s pro-Euromaidan Hromadske TV has the pictures from Kharkov:

The march appears to be staged at the Freedom Square, the former cite of the Lenin monument.

Eristavi reports that a similar march was staged in Kiev.  Ukraine’s capital saw many previous Nazi events, but this is a new development in Kharkov, a quiet Russian-speaking eastern city with little interest in anything Ukrainian, let alone Ukrainian Nazism.  This is not to say that the city is entirely pro-Russian since, not unlike Moscowites, many residents would very much like to be in Europe.

Judging by the pictures, the participants of the parade were mostly young men, but the very helpful “All Kharkov” news channel assured its readers that families with children attended as well.  I don’t doubt that some did: Nazis have a habit of bringing children to their happenings.

For instance, this is Ukrainian children marching next to portrait of Ukrainian Nazi Stepan Bandera. The procession took place in Kiev earlier this year

All Kharkov reports that the participants were asked to leave home partisan banners, so only the flags of Ukraine, the UPA and Azov Battalion were flown this time.  Azov Battalion is the notorious Ukrainian National Guard unit that fights under a Nazi banner and attracts Nazi volunteers from around Europe. Still, most Azov volunteers were drawn from the Euromaidan “self-defense” units.

All Kharkov explained that “The people came out to support the fighters serving in the zone of anti-terrorist operation” or the war-torn area of Donbass and that more than 2,000 participated.  I say the great majority of them are from out of town.

Ukraine will be lucky if it all ends there.


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