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October 21, 2014

When Hitler and Stalin Meet in Kiev

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Last week I posted about a Nazi march that took place in my native city of Kharkov, Ukraine. What I didn’t discuss is that similar marches were staged across Ukraine with the goal of forcing a legislature that would recognize the genocidal World War Two-era Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) as national heroes.  That day’s main rally was held in the capital of Kiev, where protesters armed with bats and chains clashed with police and 36 were detained — just like the good old days of Euromaidan.

One of the speakers was Svoboda’s Deputee and once Communist Iryna Farion. Here is part of a recording of her speech:

Greatness of nation and the strength of the state are built with arts and war.  This was was absolutely unavoidable and totally logical.  Excuse me, I don’t really want to quote Hitler here

Said the reluctant student of German dictator

[B]ut he was right when he said ‘Wars are won before they begin’. […]  There was no Ukrainian language, Ukrainian music, Ukrainian Idea in [Crimea, Lugansk and Donetsk]. That is why Putin is there now [whistle].  That’s why everything in our life begins with how we think, which goal we set for ourselves and how much Ukrainian we have in our soul.  Be vigilant before those who now put on vyshivankis [Ukrainian peasant shirts], because it’s possible that behind those vyshivankis they are hiding the absence of their Ukrainian souls.

This could well be a quote from Stalin, the man who starved 10% or so of Ukrainian population successfully Sovietizing them.

We have not just the external front, the absolutely unavoidable front of Putin.  We have one road — to destroy Moscow.  This is why we live, that’s why we live in this world, to destroy Moscow [applause].  Not just to destroy Moscals [derogatory for Russians] on our soil, but to destroy Moscow, that black hole of European security.

Ukrainians of Svoboda/Pravy Sektor/Radical Party bent have been trying to sell themselves, not unsuccessfully, as new Americans.  They are defending Europe from Putin, you see.  It’s worth noting that Putin’s strategy appears to be the destabilization of Ukraine, a goal which he shares with Svoboda, who are on record being in favor of civil war which they would seize as an opportunity to Ukrainianize the population to their liking.

This graphic is done in the colors of Ukrainian flag and, unfortunately, featuring the NATO symbol along with the Eastern Slavic colovrat in the sun disk (the symbol frequently adopted by Eastern European Nazis). It reads “We are born to turn Russia into dust”, a play on a line from a famous Soviet song. The graphic came to my attention via an American libertarian blogger who found it hilarious.

While Communists were forever on the lookout for the insufficiently committed to the to the struggle of world proletariat, Ukrainian Nazis are interested in weeding out the true Ukrainians.  And so, a man in Nikolaev is facing 4 years of prison and two years probation for putting a flag of Novorossia on social media.  And in Kharkov an elderly man from Donbass is sentenced to 5 years in prison for distributing separatist leaflets.

Earlier this year Turchinov vetoed a language law that banned Russian as an official language, but to fight a Russian book infestation, a struggle which is, by no means a new phenomenon, Ukraine now has a regulation banning periodicals with the word “Russian” in their title.  “Russian Culture of Ukraine” and “Russian Rock” are no longer licensed for publication in Ukraine.

But wait, you say, aren’t there Nazis in Russia.  Precisely.  This blog, however, doesn’t buy into the argument that because there are Nazis in Russia, we should give a free reign to Ukrainian ones.  This blog is of the belief that Ukraine is spinning out of control, and that Ukrainian Nazis, albeit not Ukrianian Nazis alone, have everything to do with it.

Ukrainians — and other Europeans — will be fortunate if it all ends there.



  1. It seems that no matter where we are talking about, the wrong kinds of people are stepping to the forefront.

    Comment by calihurder — October 23, 2014 @ 8:24 am

  2. […] recently posted about Ukrainian Nazizoid Iryna Farion quoting Hitler and calling for war with Russia.  Neither Farion nor her party, Svoboda, did well at the polls.  They were a fixture of Ukrainian […]

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