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December 8, 2014

A Fitting Tribute

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I’m finding it difficult to stay on top of current events these days.  Eric Garner is old news now, but I’m still on Ferguson.
Let me just say that I’m absolutely in awe of whoever thought of rioting and looting following the non-indictment of officer Wilson.  What a fitting tribute for Mike Brown!  The Gentle Giant who robbed a convenience store and then taunted and assaulted the police officer while resisting arrest, would be proud to know that his death is thus commemorated.  He’d approve of the rioters’ self-serving outrage and boast of their violent exploits. Were he alive, he’d join them; a dead man, he’s the star of the show.  If I were an adviser to the organized community of Ferguson, I’d suggest yearly commemorative Black Friday looting parties.
On Eric Garner, I can quote my darling spousal unit (DSU), who, watching the protests in New York on Fox last night, said about the hipsters involved: “Oh, they are just so outraged about this dead black guy.  Why don’t they just take an acting class and be outraged there?  Same difference.”

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