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February 18, 2015

An Idea for A Portlandia Episode

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While you were worrying about amnesty and ISIS, the state of Oregon reached an important human rights milestone.  Kate Brown, the nation’s first openly bi governor, ascended to her position when John Kitzhaber (D) resigned amids corruption allegations:

Brown, who was the first in line to succeed Kitzhaber, was the nation’s first openly bisexual-identifying statewide officeholder. She is married to husband Dan Little [can we fact check to make sure Mr. Little is not really a wife? — eots] and has discussed her sexuality in past campaigns for public office.

Something as quirky as bisexuality is doubtlessly a selling point in the Pacific north-west.  What I deduce has happened, is that in the early 90’s she was “outed” by a local paper after which she had some ‘splaining to do, including:

  • Coming out to my gay friends – who called me half-queer.
  • Coming out to my straight friends – who never thought I could make up my mind about anything anyway.

So, basically, Brown, who married a few years later had a few flings… but what really matters is that she identifies as bi.  RS McCain posted An Infinite Rainbow of Oppression, a freak show of “queer” identity portraits complete with descriptions like Trans Femme Genderqueer” and “Plus Sized Polyamorous Pansexual”.  Interestingly, one of the ladies in the project identified simply as “bisexual”.  Maybe she just wanted to have her picture taken.  We women are pretty straight forward this way.

Anyhow, with Kate Brown being from Oregon it’s time to remember the 90’s, the decade about nothing:

Meantime in Debaltseve…

UPDATE: Many thanks to Citizen Tom for linking.


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