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August 3, 2015

Forget Cecil, Do You Know Anyone Who Touristed Spain?

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What kind of earth-shattering event could possibly force your humble hostess to interrupt her telling her readers what they don’t want to hear about Ukraine?  Why, a poacher killing a lion — because it makes for  pleasant smalltalk.

The twitter outrage over Cecil made me suspect that after SCOTUS established gay marriage and allowed foreigners to vote in the US elections, the Left is out of wish list items — but not of the zeal to punish.

On a positive side, the enviro-freaks are defending a large “magnificent” mammal, which they should not do if they properly and fully deconstruct the great chain of beings theory. Lions are valuable to humans because they are complex creatures and more like us than worms and catfish, but a committed environmentalist should see all species as equally important ecosystem inhibitors.

Behold the beauty of a single-cell organism!

My extended family has an unfortunate tradition of yearly Monterey Bay Aquarium reunions.  Me and DH already decided that the best aquarium is at Mandalay Bay in Vegas, and that the thing to do in Monterey is go to the Dennis the Menace playground, but, I guess, we still have to do Monterey Aquarium, observing exhibit after exhibit of jelly fish.  This year we endured the Aquarium’s lecture about the importance of jellies, about how these types of creatures is so wonderful because they are much more common than humans and, therefore, more representative of life on earth.  And, wouldn’t you like to know, there are so many jellies out there, many of them yet to be studied –if only Monterey researchers could get their hands on more money.  After the end of this dehumanizing ordeal we had to explain to the kids that there is nothing wrong with being rare, and that what makes man superior is his complexity and intelligence.

Because of our superiority to all other creatures, it’s incumbent on us to protect them, hence laws against poaching.  I find it hard to be outraged about the poor Cecil who, at least, died quickly when each year revelers from all over the world visit Spain where they feel obligated to observe corrida, a spectacle of a perfectly fine mammal slowly tortured to death.  Bovines are not endangered — things we eat usually aren’t because we find ways to manufacture more of them for our consumption — what bothers me is the pointless cruelty.

The motives of the Minnesota dentist are easy to discern, but why do tourists flock to bullfighting?  The sport might be traditional in the Iberian peninsula, but tourists don’t partake in or observe an authentic ritual. If that is the goal, they’d be better off eating tapas.

If women today can be persuaded to forgo childbearing to save the bugs of the Amazon forest, is there any surprise that we bleed large mammals to death for no discernible reason?


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  1. Well said.

    Comment by bluebird of bitterness — August 11, 2015 @ 9:30 am

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