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August 31, 2015

My Problem with Carly

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She’s the kind of woman someone with my sensibilities finds persuasive, exciting even.  Her very existence is the proof that Hillary Clinton is a fraud, and boy she can argue healthcare and market freedom to TV hosts!  And yet, after being emotionally invested in these issues since O took office in 09, I, like many others, feel that Carly Fiorina’s seemingly heart-felt defense of capitalism is not enough.

What difference does it make that she can mount a persuasive defense of capitalist democracy before the American people if our President can conspire to bring trainloads of illegals and SCOTUS rules that, effectively, non-citizens can vote in US elections?  For all I know, the DC and business elites figured that if they dig in their hills for a few election cycles, Latin Americans will sway US demographics, transforming American citizenry into obedient subjects.

We are bringing the voters legally, of course, via H1-B visas which Fiorina champions.  Those are also largely a Democratic constituency, and it boggles my mind that a Republican or a conservative would want more of them in the country.  Most of the rest of the Republican field are on the same page with her, mind you.  I’m still waiting for them to deflate Trump by taking his signature issue away from him.

Putting aside the fact that new immigrants taking the electorate places I don’t want it to go, I have more immediate reasons to fear high tech immigration.  My husband’s employer, one of the largest in California, is getting rid of the American workers and bringing in the Indians.  Would not even look at American applicants, and not because the locals refuse to take a pay cut.

I never worked in IT, but people who do have been saying for decades that American programmers are still the best.  Foreigners, however, are better employees.  Here’s how my husband explains it: suppose the boss says “We need to move the Statue of Liberty from New York to San Francisco by tomorrow morning.” Americans are socialized to be straight forward.  “Impossible!” they say.  Foreigners say “Yes, sir!”*  Come next morning the Statue of Liberty is in New Jersy, which is, in and of itself, an admirable feat.  Nevertheless, it’s an American guy who’s now tasked with moving the landmark to the West Coast, somehow.

But guess who the management likes — the “Yes, sir!” crowd.  And who is FIorina?  The management.  Obviously what’s going on in tech companies right now can’t go on forever; things will shake up somehow. In the meantime, do we need a president with Fiorina’s blind spots, and, more importantly, doesn’t sovereignty trump business needs?

Than there are the labor issues.  Many foreign tech workers are here temporarily and are willing to work longer hours to take the pay to their home country.  There are very few jobs Americans are doing on which foreigners are not willing to spend more hours. And who loves it? The management.

It’s not just IT that’s affected, but related fields, like graphic design, sound editing — all good, creative jobs for which the middle class blesses their kids to go to college.  And it’s not like there is an excess of blue color jobs for for the native born; in fact, all new jobs now go to foreigners.  Even if there were low skill, low pay jobs left over for our kids, we’d have to admit that if we bring planeloads of foreigners to give them the best jobs in the country, we have a problem…  It’s hard to believe that only a generation ago one could move to San Francisco for the rock-n-roll lifestyle and land a tech job.

Younger Americans are not getting any offers and the older ones get fired.  The Dig Your Own Grave practice, when IT professionals are asked to train their South-East Asian replacements with severance pay held as a bargaining chip, received some media attention this summer during the South California Edison congressional hearings. Workers told the their stories, the lawmakers listened — and then passed Obamatrade with bipartisan support. Meanwhile, Disney instituted the same policy.

So yes, I would very much like to see Fiorina in the GOP debates because she, being a natural sales girl, is perfect at delivering a message, but please keep her out of the Oval Office.


*Indians in particular are refreshingly frank in other ways.  One former co-worker of my husband’s, for instance, wasn’t shy to express her fascination with Ayn Rand at a meeting.  If she’d only knew how many taboos she’s breaking…


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