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May 24, 2016

Gary Johnson, The New Voldemort

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I caught on Stefanie Miller that (or some kind of generic female libtalker, anyway) that the”Libertarian presidential candidate” was in hot water for comparing the Holocaust to mass deportations.  A little research yielded this:
Former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld — who is expected to be picked alongside [Gary] Johnson to run on the Libertarian Party ticket at a nominating convention this weekend — told The New York Times on Thursday that Trump’s plan to remove the estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants from the U.S. reminded him of “Kristallnacht,” or the “Night of Broken Glass.”
“I can hear the glass crunching on Kristallnacht in the ghettos of Warsaw and Vienna when I hear (Trump’s plan), honest,” Weld told the Times.
The 1938 pogrom against European Jewry occurred when anti-semitic mobs burned synagogues, destroyed Jewish-owned stores and killed scores of Jews, but not in Warsaw, as stated by Weld.
On Saturday, Johnson told CNN’s Victor Blackwell on “CNN Newsroom” that he wouldn’t have made the Holocaust reference but defended the sentiments behind the remark.
I’m glad liberals are outraged because they should be.  To compare the extermination of European Jewry to sending home the non-citizens residing in the US illegally is simply repulsive.
I’m not a liberal, of course, and I am on record being pro-deportations, which, I trust, would be conducted humanely, so long as we keep the most eager Trumpkins out of the process.  We can agree or disagree about it, but I think it’s reassuring that we both find Weld’s histrionics questionable.
In a normal election year Weld’s statement would be a deal-breaker to me, but with both Hillary and “Mr.” Trump being so vile and so corrupt and so authoritarian, I’m willing to give the Libertarian duo a pass.
One can argue that a veep candidate making such a rookie mistake is not ready for prime time, but neither is Trump.  Besides, both Johnson and Weld have gubernatorial experience, which is more than both Hillary and “Mr.” can boast.
I think it’s interesting that the libtalker didn’t refer to the “Libertarian candidate” by name.  She clearly wanted to highlight the controversy, and, again, I’m glad we are on the same side here, sort of, but was she afraid of being devoured by a death eater?
Nuh.  She knows how weak Hillary is, and suspects that Johnson has a real chance to appeal to both the right and the left.  Perhaps he can even win.


In related news, another poll shows Johnson is in double digits in a three-way race.

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