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June 3, 2016

Does Trump Want His Fans To Die For Him?

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Donald Trump is a free man and this is still a free country.  He can schedule a rally in California, in Utah or New York.  We don’t have dictators in power telling us we can or cannot go and who we can or cannot listen to.

And yet, judged by the presumptive Republican nominee’s own standards, the responsibility for yesterday’s violent San Jose riots during which Trump’s adherents were attacked is on Trump.  When Pamela Geller organized Draw Mohamed contest, attracting, predictably, jihadist violence, Trump blamed Geller for “provok[ing]” the Religion of Peace.  Likewise, when Julia Ioffe profiled the mogul’s third wife in Vanity Fair in the feature that was not entirely to Melania Trump’s liking, bands of altRight antisemites  barraged Ioffe online.  Melania’s reaction?  “She provoked them.”  In Trump’s mind, the onus for violence is on the provocateur.  Milo Yiannopoulos and other assorted AltRight professional trolls should know that Daddy doesn’t like them petty mischief makers; he only tolerates them so long as they are of service.

To make it clear, this is how Trump thinks, not me.  Like Senator Cruz, I believe that the direct responsibility for violence is with the people who insight and commit it. At the same time, it’s important to acknowledge Daddy’s own ideology and strategy to understand what it is that we are asked to cast our votes for.  After all, none of the riot organizers are on the ballot this November, at least not on the national level.

Trump says he will campaign heavily in California and New York, assuring his followers that he can turn those states red.  I live in California.  In the past few months I began to notice “Now Hiring” signs in my neighborhood; this is something that had not been happening for many years.  The mood here is upbeat, favoring the incumbent party.  And this is already a heavily Democratic state with surging (thanks to Trump, no doubt) youth and Latino voter registration.

No way he wins California.  It’s a gorgeous state, and campaigning here is a pleasure, I’m sure, especially considering that with the Secret Service protection the candidate himself doesn’t need to worry his bright (color-wise, anyway) head about the violence.  But I’m sure there is more to Trump’s campaign strategy than quality of life.  The reason Trump campaigns in CA is to produce spectacles for national TV hoping that it will move the needle in some other state. Trump fans are ponds in this game.  If they are pelted with eggs and it’s a national news story, can you imagine (it’s easy if you try) what will happen if someone, lets say a person with a heart condition, dies?

Trump’s lack of action in re BLM is unnerving.  BLM thugs who attacked Trump’s fans are financed by George Soros.  But Soros is a friend of Trump, so much so that the left wing benefactor built the Trump tower in Chicago.  If Trump cares at all about the well-being of his followers, why doesn’t he pick up the phone and tell his buddy to cut it off?

I wrote about Trump and victimhood before.  Like all bullies he knows how to make himself into a victim, and he knows how to channel violence to benefit himself. Before we start imagining Trump as a victim in need of our defense and our votes, we need to remind ourselves that Trump himself actively encouraged violence when he notoriously offered to pay his violent fan’s legal fees.  Trump’s courting KKK and the neoNazis also worth remembering.  The New York billionaire continuously retweets them, and only disowed the KKK endorsement when under media pressure, and even then doing it in an entirely unconvincing manner.  I can’t help but wonder what other plans Trump has for his neoNazi contingent.

The Donald’s belief that the responsibility for the offensive speech lies with the offender and his hunt for the status of victimhood are not hard to reconcile.  This is the man who sided with the ChiComs at Tienanmen and who sings praises to Putin.  This is the man who slept with Mein Kampf by his bedside.  This is the man who believes that the three key functions of the federal government are defense, healthcare and education.  Donald Trump has no clue about federalism, limited government and liberty.  I don’t believe his little hands ever touched the Constitution.  He fancies himself a father of the nation and his overarching worldview is that might makes right.


Donald Trump is a run-of-the-mill statist

And so the provocateurs like Pamela Geller are at fault simply because they misjudged the power dynamics.  Journalists like Julia Ioffe are at fault because she should have known that somebody is not going to like what she said.  (Say what you want about Hillary, but journalists don’t buy guns because of threats emanating from her fanbase.)  Similarly, if a lady is attacked just for wanting to listen to her candidate talk — well, how can we ask Trump to sympathize with her if she is the one who put herself in peril?  The candidate, on the other hand, has all the right to exploit her suffering simply because he can.  Again, this is not my line of thought.

A true lover of liberty will not ally himself with Trump.  In the face of violence and threats coming from both the Democratic core and the Trumpistas it is very important to be with neither violent lefties nor Trump.  And let us not forget that we, those who are unhappy with the Hillary/Trump choice, are a clear, overwhelming, absolute 4/5 majority in this country.


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