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November 16, 2016

Anti-Trump Protests: Searching for A Method to The Madness

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The year was 2000, and Maximum Rock-n-Roll editorialized that there is no difference between Al Gore and George W Bush. Both candidates were defenders of the existing order, and in MMR’s view the system was rotten. W’s election, the radicals reasoned, might even be preferable because, unlike Gore, he was a self-proclaimed conservative, which gives kids a reason to rebel, which is better for rock-n-roll.

Then 9/11 happened, then the War in Iraq, and MRR subscribers poured out onto the streets and joined the anti-war protests. While it’s doubtful that any of it was good for rock-n-roll, which for the most part remained rather dull during the Bush presidency, they certainly had fun.

Leftists don’t necessarily make winning elections a priority. They prefer to think of themselves as beautiful losers; they romanticize opposition. In their worldview, people on the streets have the power to force historical change. They remember that in the last half a century Richard Nixon was the best presidents for their cause.  On the surface, Nixon was  law and order, elected on the backlash against the People like themselves. And yet Tricky Dick gave them a lot of what they wanted both domestically and internationally (think withdrawal from Vietnam and the EPA). And, oh, did the left have fun protesting!

The hard left will vote for a candidate if he’s in full agreement with their zeitgeist, like a younger, overeducated black man whose only long-term job was that of a community organizer. And yet, even after the war in Iraq, they will not compromise themselves by voting for the wife of a former centrist president who was recently in charge of the State Department.  It’s easy to laugh at superficiality of it all, but look at it from another perspective: the left deserves credit for refusing to vote for their corrupt crony.

Who is Donald Trump anyway? A tacky, crooked perhaps billionaire with little discernible policy agenda whose favorite daughter’s federal maternity leave proposal was met with applause at the RNC.

The jokes about the thin-skinned septuagenarian write themselves. His never-ending flirtation with the alt-Right makes him a perfectly legitimate object of resentment.  The Left will go to town opposing Trump.  They are the maestros of the Hamilton Rule.

The kids protesting the president-elect are not necessarily Hillary voters.  In blue states like California, New York and Oregon, the states most affected by riots, a vote for Hillary was a wasted vote.  There was never a doubt that she was going to win there.  If they went to the polls at all, they probably pulled the lever for Stein.

I’m not sure how much individual protesters understand about the goals of their movement.  There is, no doubt, a grass roots anger about Trump.  Directing this anger are community organizers, of course, as the ready availability of pre-printed signs suggests. There is a method to the madness.


I bet the organizers are prepping a grass roots movement for the entire presidential term. Step one is to let a sense of illegitimacy set in. There are plenty of reasons to feel that Trump is not their president. International and domestic  spy agencies played a role in this election. There is a feeling that voter suppression took place in North Carolina and Wisconsin. Although the ballots are still being counted, it looks like Clinton won the popular vote by over a million and a half ballots.  Vast swaths of the left-leaning America will never accept Trump.

He won the electoral college on a razor-thin margin in a four key states. The GOP has the control of both chambers, but it’s very narrow in the Senate. Suppose The Donald attempts to appoint an originalist to SCOTUS. Originalists themselves are highly skeptical of such a turn of events. Suppose he does; Democrats threaten filibuster, protests break out: “Not my president!” “Pussy grabs back!”  Trump turns around “Sorry guys, I have to compromise” and appoints a moderate with a fascist bent. Evangelicals, who during the election were told that their salvation depends of voting for Trump, swallow hard.

Amnesty is a key issue for the protesters.  While it was always doubtful that Trump will build the wall and deport illegals, he didn’t waste a minute after the election to start walking back his promises. The ink is still wet on the ballots, the chads are still hanging, but he already talks about “the wall” being a fence, and deporting 2-3 million with criminal record, or about the same as Obama.

Mexican flag-wavers will get what they want. Just watch. Alt-Right might be slightly upset of course, but presently their goal is to grow their movement. They intend to take care of the untermensch later, via a race war.

Likewise, there is a talk of Democrats mobilizing to save Obamacare:

Trump was originally a supporter of Obamacare who said during the presidential debate that he would prefer single payer.

I, for one, would like to see the Tea Party conservatives to regroup and oppose the Republican president whose proposed trillion dollar infrastructure spending is already dubbed Trumpulus. If you opposed Obama for reasons other that he is our first black president, please raise your hand. We were successful in putting breaks on Obama’s big government agenda (don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!) because Obama’s second term was pretty much a bust. We are also on the verge of a Constitutional Convention. It would be a shame to allow Donald Trump to highjack the Republican Party now, after all our hard won victories.



  1. I personally think the protesters are protesting to get the media to report on them. The time that new networks would be spending on what the next president will do and who he will appoint is now shared with the coverage of them. They also want to look intimidating to the next president. I’m pretty sure they know that the election results can’t be changed. Of course now college students are now protesting and getting what they want because of it, so if they do think they can stop him, Donald Trump will have a mess to clean up (really either way he has a mess to clean up). The question is: Can and will he clean up the mess our country has started to become? I think only time will tell.

    Comment by tomatoesteatolkien — November 16, 2016 @ 2:27 pm

    • I agree about the protesters. They know that they can’t change the results, but they want to intimidate to force their agenda.
      I really don’t like the feeling of uncertainty about where we are going with Trump.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — November 18, 2016 @ 2:05 pm

      • Neither do I. Trump has made promises, and we’ll have to hope he keeps them (well most anyhow). Thing is, he has changed his stance on several issues, and he continue to do that. And him praising Obama has me a bit concerned.

        Comment by tomatoesteatolkien — November 18, 2016 @ 2:23 pm

        • I hope he goes with the Ryan agenda domestically. He really worries me when it comes to foreign policy. His praise for Putin was the only constant of his campaign. He wants Flynn, who’s pretty much a paid Kremlin agent, for NSA, and there was talk about him appointing Giuliani to State instead of Bolton. Rudy has business interests in Russia. Trump himself never disclosed his tax return and has connections with Putin’s oligarchs. He can do permanent damage to NATO.

          Comment by edge of the sandbox — November 18, 2016 @ 2:28 pm

  2. We have some rich guys backing those community organizers. Some of those guys also own a large proportion of the news media. Would be interesting to get inside their heads.

    Comment by Citizen Tom — November 19, 2016 @ 7:11 pm

    • I can go out on the street and whistle and get a half a dozen people to agree to show up at a protest. And yes, it’s all centrally organized with smart people figuring out the best course of action.

      Comment by edge of the sandbox — November 19, 2016 @ 9:57 pm

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