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April 25, 2017

What I’ve Been up To

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Over at the fabulous and terrific Iron Ladies whom you absolutely need to follow if you are not following them yet.

There Must Be More To This Provincial Life Than A Faithful Remake of A 25-Year-Old Cartoon.  That’s about Beauty And The Beast.

Reviving A Family Passover about growing up knowing precious nothing about my religion.

Leggings at The Gate  If a controversy is about something as trivial as legwear, it’s probably about something else.

Fearless Girl Is A Troll How a feminist sculptor appeals to our parental instincts.

Berlin on The Strawberry Creek which begins with an attempt to channel William F. Buckley.


Just so that my readers know where I stand


April 2, 2017

Programming Note

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I’ve been blogging over at Medium here.  Also at the Medium, I am now an editor of Iron Ladies, a conservative feminist blog and a brainchild of Leslie Loftis.  From Iron Ladies mission statement:

Conservative women see ourselves as doctors, lawyers, accountants, writers, politicians — whatever — who happen to be women. Thus, we’ve rarely gathered on sites like Jezebel and have not organized into national advocacy groups like the National Organization for Women. And when we have tried that kind of grouping, we’ve not managed the membership success that NOW once boasted. We do not lack numbers, we simply do not organize around the fact that we are women.


Ask “what do women think about x” and there will be any number of feminists claiming to represent what other women think about x easily available for an interview. They own the perception of speaking for most women because they speak with organization and coordination. Ask “what do conservative women think about x” and where would someone go for the answer? To Fox, the one stop shop for finding a conservative woman for those who do not actually know any conservative women.

This shortcut creates the impression that conservative women largely agree on issues. Trust me on this one. We are not any sort of hive mind. We debate…frequently. Regardless, Fox does not provide a representative sample.

Check it out!

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