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October 30, 2017

The Halloween Three

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I published three Halloween-themed posts over at Iron Ladies.

First, answering the question, is it evil to celebrate Halloween? Nope: In Defense of Halloween, as if it needs defending.

Second, looking at the most underrated horror movie Susperia.

And, finally, third, it’s not that Moana Halloween costume violates the sacred law of cultural appropriation or that it’s immodest, but that it lacks romance. Sadly, that’s the direction in which Disney is going.

On a totally different note, I wrote a response to that New York Times OpEd that tried to proof that women had better sex lives under socialism: The Real Housewives of the USSR. That one actually attracted quite a bit of attention.


October 1, 2017

Kings, Presidents, Terrorists

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Trump is a second-rate Elvis; he needs to be a Nixon

For the friends and readers who are still following me here and not at the Medium, the fabulous Iron Ladies published two of my essays, The Unabomber Is Relevant Again about the recently aired Discovery Channel miniseries and The King And The President about the #TakeAKnee controversy.

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