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January 17, 2017

Who Will Obama Pardon?

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UPDATE: This was first published two years ago, I think.  I decided to reread it in the light of Chelsea Manning’s sentence commutation. Next thing I know, the post is b ing updated and on the top of my blog. Oops.

Ukraine: bzzzz. I know.

A few days ago — and I’m always playing catch up with the news — the word on the street was that Bowe Berghdahl will be charged with desertion.  My first thought was “Well, if he’s convicted, Obama will pardon him.”

My second thought was “Who else is he going to pardon?”  Cop killer Mumia Abu Jamal seems like a good candidate because a) he’d been a far left cause celebre long enough and b) Obamster has an issue with police officers.

Who else? Another cop killer Leonard Peltier, maybe?  I’m sure there is plenty of lower profile “kids” who ended up in prison for shooting police officers and/or FBI agents.  And how about releasing everybody on death row?  O is transformative, after all, thus he needs to outdue Clinton who commuted sentences of FALN terrorirsts.

And how about Jahar Tsarnaev?  At the time of bombing he was just a babe, you know.  Umm… maybe not.  Tsarnaevs were basically white.


June 2, 2011

What Happens When a Man Thinks with His Weiner

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I was trying to avoid the temptation to post about the Brooklyn Democrat as long as possible, mainly because I don’t think his little tweet exploits are really that big of a deal.  New York’s 9th District which Weiner represents cuts through Briton Beach, a Russian Jewish neighborhood that, I’ll have you know, votes against Brezhnev.  Weiner’s reelection in 2010 was far from certain:

Ideologically, the plurality of voters [in his district], 40%, said Weiner is a liberal. Important to note, the plurality of voters, 38%, identified themselves as conservative. Only 23% of voters said they are liberal.

I imagine Weiner’s constituents think that his indiscretions are between him and his wife.  What about his wife?  A woman who allows her boss’s (insert gratuitous gossip link) notoriously philandering husband officiate her wedding obviously doesn’t put high stakes in fidelity.  Still, one would imagine this scandal wounds her pride.

Weiner and wife Huma Abedin. They didn't look all that happy in happier days.

Weiner looks creepy and pathetic, so perhaps the good people of New York’s 9th should feel a little like Huma.  They cast a vote for a guy dumb enough to send his undies to 45,000 people.  In any event, why is Weiner representing New York 9th?  I somehow doubt anyone on Briton is aware that the guy regularly appears on MSNBC to “chat with Rachel”.  I don’t believe many people there watch MSNBC and they probably don’t know who Rachel Maddow is.

Weiner runs his mouth on MSNBC. This should be the real scandal here.

I looked at Russian papers in New York, and they don’t seem to be covering the story in depth, at least not yet.  Hopefully they will get around to it.  Perhaps Briton Beach will elect a smart Representative in 2012, and one who reflects their politics.

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