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November 16, 2011

More #Occupy Child Abuse

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#Occupy has no end game.  But Mayor Bloomberg, probably fearing outcome unhealthier than that of a diet high in saturated fats, finally decided to clear the Lower Manhattan shantytown.  You’d think the occupiers would figure that he actually did them a favor, go home and work on their “police brutality broke the movement” narrative.  But no, they appear to be switching to a full-blown domestic terrorism mode.

Meanwhile ring worm and scabies are reported at their Santa Cruz squaterville — along with drug and alcohol use.

Occupy Snata Cruz

That's from #Occupy Santa Cruz "Activist Training" album. Looks like the woman standing in the background is holding on to a stroller.

On October 22 #Occupy Santa Cruz held a “family day”— thankfully not a “sleepover”.  Sure, that was nearly a month before the ringworm and scabies were found, but the conditions in which to expect them were already set.

The Gateway Pundit reports five separate crimes at the LA site, including masturbating in front of children.  It could get worse.  #Occupy Chicago security guard was arrested on child porn charges.

Occupy Chicago

A Parents for Occupy Chicago November 5 event.

In Seattle a two-months pregnant woman and an 84-year-old activists participated in a march in when the occupiers blocked intersections.  When the radicals ignored multiple warning to disperse, police used pepper spray.  The little old lady participated in occupation by choice, which can not be said about the gestating baby.

Occupy Seattle

This young woman was rushed to the hospital. Pepper spray can cause miscarriage and increased risk birth defects.

Lovely human shields you got yourselves, occupiers!


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