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November 7, 2011

#Occupy Child Abuse Updates — the Red October Edition

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Happy Bolshevik Revolution day to #Occupy!  94 Years ago this day the Bolshevik-lead Red Guard took over the Winter Palace, the seat of Provisional Government.  A bloody Civil War immediately followed.

Yesterday Gateway Pundit published a video of Occupy Portland announcing a head and body lice outbreak.

A careful viewer will notice kids present at the time of announcement.  How did the kids wind up there?  Evidently Occupy Portland runs a “Playground and Education Center”, so families are encouraged to show up:

Up to 20 children live at the squat site, and some locals are not pleased:

Many in the community worry that it is not a place for children.

“If they’re school-age, they need to be in school,” said a woman walking past the encampment. “They’re smoking pot, they’re tearing the branches off, they’re climbing the statues and I think they should have to leave if they have children.”

Some parents said they were already home schooled and they’re just continuing to do that.

Some teachers have volunteered after school to tutor as well.  [Because nobody believes the kids are homeschooled? –ed.]

Things are generally not going too well:

Many in the camp went into a panic Tuesday night when a 9-year-old disappeared and was found two hours later with a protester near SW 4th Avenue and SW Taylor Street.

The Occupy parents movement obviously attracts the true believers.  But it seems to be preying on homeless families as well.  They provide some sort of facilities, and in return get sweet little faces to front their demonstrations.

#Occupy parent recruitment is a national effort.  Here in San Francisco a blogger published a call to join the movement:

#Occupy wants your family

The picture up close:

Occupy child abuse

I hear the boy really wanted to hang out with the 99%.

Not everyone in the #Occupy movement approves of this behavior.  For instance, the news that CPS removed a 9-month-old from #Occupy Dallas was discussed on the #Occupy Pittsburgh Facebook page.  Among the responses:

Jeff DowlingWhy don’t you read it Pal! When they are 9 months old they don’t have the capacity to understand any of this. They depend on their parents to make good decisions. He knows nothing about freedom you moron.

Saturday at 6:52pm · 2

Kimberly Jadedeyes Lapham LOL it has nothing to do with the constitution….Children have parents for a reason….Big movements like this can be unsafe….What about the child’s rights? Parents need to keep their kids safe…Saturday at 6:54pm · 2


Jeff DowlingI have to admit this might be over the top, however no one really knows the condition of the camp, whether there were drugs involved etc. However on the surface it is over the top

Saturday at 4:29pm · 1

Carden Crusnik Ok, taking an infant to a protest is idiotic. If something were to happen, or break lose and there was police action then that child could have been injured it’s neglect. STOP TAKING CHILDREN TO THESE EVENTS. Jesus….Saturday at 4:31pm · 5

One question I want to ask is why something that’s bad for children is good for adults.  Occupiers know that their camps are hubs of all sorts of x-rated activity.  They know that illegal drugs are sold and consumed at #Occupy sites.  They know that people are sexually assaulted there, and that human waste is not removed.  They know that many residents have mental health issues, and that fights break out regularly.  Yet adults didn’t come to the sites to merely stand with a sign.  The allure was to live in an anarchist commune.  If this is what had become of it, then occupiers have some serious soul-searching to do.

In fact, many of them are leaving.  More dedicated ones are still there, and so are the homeless and the crazies and perhaps the ones with the most to lose.  Who has the most to lose?  #Occupy is sitting on up to 2/3 million, and this money is sure not going to the homeless.  I’m very interested in seeing what is going to happen to that.

UPDATE: Recent violence at kid-friendly #Occupy Portland.

UPDATE 2: More violence at Portland squat site.  This time a man wielding a hammer.


November 5, 2011

#Occupy Child Abuse Updates

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how much is a video?  Weasel Zippers posts a video of parents parading their kids at notorious Occupy Oakland.  Here is a picture of “Oakland’s children’s brigade” that evidently participated in the recent event marked by mob violence:

child abuse

Shouldn't they be in school?

FB comments get sentimental:

  • Alvaro Maldonadobeautiful picture Steafan;the future Paris communards!

    Wednesday at 1:58pm · 1
  • Steafan Dubhuidhe I actually had tears in my eyes when I first saw it. FINALLY!

    Wednesday at 2:12pm
  • Romana Doorgeest super! this is exactly how it should be, these kids know they too have to stand tall, they are not sleeping, we’ve raised them.

    Wednesday at 4:27pm · 1

Winds of Jihad posts a video of an #OWS cutie accosting adults with “Who did you exploit today?” question.  It is possible that the people she approached hired free labor for which they paid market price. That’s not exploitation.  But to coach a young child to make a political statement for the camera is, so perhaps the girl should direct this question to her parents. (Via The Silicon Graybeard).

Also via Weasel Zipper comes the jaw-dropping footage of mother using her children as human shields to storm Americans for Prosperity convention in DC:

Authorities are taking a note.  Via Gateway Pundit, child protective services seized a baby from the Occupy Dallas squatter site.

My earlier post on #Occupy child abuse is here.

UPDATE: Woman charged with pimping a teen at Occupy NH.  (Via A Pissed Off Irishman).

UPDATE 2: Evidently 200 adults with toddlers and school age children attender #Occupy Oakland “general strike”.

November 4, 2011

#Occupy PR Day as Hosted by Edge of the Sandbox

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According to a Quinnipiac poll that oversampled Democrats, 39% of voters disapprove of #Occupy. (Via Hot Air).

What to do?  Maybe deny that the movement has anything to do with Communists.  And so Sadie came to my humble blog, noticed the post about Occupy Oakland occupying public schools and objected to the picture of an Oakland Occupier in Commie gear blocking the entrance to Wells Fargo Bank.  Turns out, I was taking it out of context.  Silly me, I actually thought I was putting things in context, like, you know, redistribution of wealth.  More on Communists at #Occupy Oakland at Gateway Pundit, for instance.  I pointed out that she was kind of not on topic, to which Sadie replied:

It is very true that my comment didn’t address the substance of your post. I was taking issue w/ what comes across as angry meanness behind the post.

The kids rampaging through Oakland, on the other hand, are nice.

The substance of your post seems to boil down to the fact that you don’t agree w/ the occupy movement, so you don’t want people who do to have any power to affect your life. The point of the movement is to make a change, and why not get our future (children) involved in bringing that change about.

Sorry freedom-loving parents, we need your kids.

When I’ll teach my children about Communism, I’ll tell them about Pavlik Morozov.   Sadie continued:

I believe that regardless of whether or not we agree on the movement, my comment still holds merit in that one cannot ask everyone to explain the actions of the few, or take personal responsibility for things they did not do and could not control. We can however, take responsibility for trying to make sure that damage and violence doesn’t happen again, because those broken windows and drawn on walls don’t speak for me or what I stand for.

Unlike those bad Occupiers, Sadie only used violence to block free enterprise.  She is not responsible for the acts of vandalism of mere hundreds of her comrades.  Very excellent coverage of Oakland burning at Gateway Pundit.  Also see this SJ Mercury News report.

Coincidentally Kirby Desmarais of Occupy Parenting fame came through yesterday.  Judging by traffic she’s been readying for a while.  She previously described my criticism of her choices as “bullying”, but now she hired an attorney.  Evidently the attorney told her that the best he can do for her is to have me take down pictures she herself proudly displayed on her blog.  So now my readers will have to imagine the pictures that I said will make 99% of American mothers cringe, and Desmarais requested to remove.

A lovely discussion with Desmarais’ buddies made me suspect OWS is readying to open its own little HUAC.  HUAC should be the least of our worries shall #Occupy prevail.  I’m always a bit bothered by Americans who say “We know you Russians had Stalin, but we here had Joe McCarthy”.

I sincerely hope that now that it’s obvious that #OWS wants to go out with a bag Desmarais no longer drags her defenseless toddler to Zuccotti.

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