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December 19, 2011

#Occupy Child Abuse Update: Mother of the Year and Mother of the Year Runners Up

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In the #Occupy high days, I posted quite a bit about the movement’s child abuse.  Since #Occupy is withering away and I was doing some family-related travel as well as making other adjustments, I dropped the ball.  But I guess as long as there is #Occupy, there is #Occupy child abuse.  First spotted on Rouge Operator is this most egregious example of all: A mother put her child on train tracks to shut down the Port of Portland.

Note that by her logic she is not endangering her child because no humane person would run over her child.  But wait, this means that occupiers know that their adversaries are humane, and that due diligence will be exercised to make sure that they are not hurt.  The movement, however, does not recognize the humanity of others, be it the 1%, a truck driver delivering goods to a port, a resident of Lower Manhattan or even their children.  Those are merely pawns in the grand game of redistribution.

Considering that Time magazine chose occupiers to be the person of the year, this woman must be our mother of the year.  Always on Watch has the runners up, Parents for Occupy Wall Street starring their founder Kirby Desmarais, the chick in a knit hat.  She tried so hard but failed to outdo her fellow #Occupier mom in Portland.  Anywho, you can see the whole video on AOW.

Parents for Occupy Wall Street got their children to chant slogans and cry for the cameras.  The later was accomplished by having the youngsters tape their handmade hearts to a fence at NYPD headquarters to protest what they saw as “police brutality”.  The policemen had to remove the art projects, and, sure enough, the kids cried.  Parents for OWS made somber faces and said “lets go”.

It’s one thing to take one’s children along to a protest, but quite another to make them a centerpiece of a protest.  Getting one’s children to weep to generate sympathy for one’s cause is more wicked still.


November 13, 2011

Another Day, Another Round of #Occupy Child Abuse Updates

Occupiers around the country appear to be heading home, and #Occupy Portland kids packed up a few days ago.  Still, #Occupy San Francisco is hanging on, now armed with shivs.  As I mentioned earlier, #Occupy San Fran solicits family participation.

Occupy child abuse

99% of #Occupy kids need a nap.

I’m sure everyone heard of the Denver, CO High School teacher who took her students to disrupt a conservative blogging convention.  I suppose somebody has to show them how to violate the rights of others, but it doesn’t have to be her.  #Occupy Denver already had a parents group.

A woman is raped at #Occupy Philadelphia, and I hope it’s not this newlywed:

Occupy Phili child abuse

A gallery of bad decisions: This single mother brought her 2-year-old to the camp, met a man, and, a month later, married him.

According to this video, the scene is changing in Zuccotti, prudent occupiers are leaving, Zuccotti lung and all, but some children are still around.  (Via Instapundit.)

Personally, I would not take my young family to any kind of political event because I feel that it’s exploitive.  Others make a point that older children need to observe their parents exercising their their 1st Amendment rights.  When parents feel compelled to participate and have no alternative child care, they bring their children to rallies.  I respect their choices.

#Occupy is no ordinary political rally.  The breakdown of social order at the squatter sites was predictable.  That parasites and airborne diseases will turn up at the camps was only a matter of time.  At the time Zuccotti announced its first family sleepover, it was already notorious for poor hygiene and drug use.  Perhaps some parents were naive.  Still others thought this kind of lifestyle is the norm.  All volunteered to put their children’s sweet faces on a very nasty happening.

November 11, 2011

“Zuccotti Lung” and Other Occupy Child Abuse Updates

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I preciously wrote about alleged homeschooling at violent, lice-infested #Occupy Portland.  Now comes fresh news of criminal activity at the squatter location.  (Via Instapundit).  One individual is apprehended on suspicion of throwing a Molotov cocktail.  Can’t help suspecting that the homeschooled group adopted “Anarchist Cookbook” for their curriculum.

Two other individuals were arrested for probation violation, drug possession, disorderly conduct and carrying a concealed weapon.  So much to learn at #Occupy Portland!

Occupy Portland

Perhaps the little ones can also learn the fine art of facial tattooing -- and mad hipster haircuts. Useful skills, you know. Guess which one is charged with drug possession.

In other news, a drug-resistant strain of TB is turned up at #Occupy Atlanta.  (Via Instapundit).  Who else turned up at #Occupy Atlanta?  Kids.

Occupy child abuse

This 9-year-old is holding a sign made for her by her uncle.

As seems to be the pattern, presence of children is actively encouraged by the movement.  Evidently a special tent was set up in Atlanta and resources were allocated to “Free Childcare” area.  This had to be done by consent of supermajority.

Occupy child abuse

That nasty diseases would show up at #Occupy was only a matter of time.  But #Occupy Atlanta is also swarming with gangstas — Creeps and Bloods united for the common cause.  But hey, free childcare!

Our old friend Kirby Desmarais who coordinates “family sleepovers” at Zuccotti encourages parents worldwide to take their children to #Occupy.  The occupiers of NYC public park are now talking of “Zuccotti lung” (h/t Always on Watch):

With little sleep in cold conditions, cigarettes and drinks being passed from mouth to mouth, and few opportunities to wash hands, Zuccotti Park may now just be the best place to catch respiratory viruses, norovirus (also known as the winter vomiting virus) and tuberculosis, according to one doctor.

The damp clothing and cardboard signs wet with rain are also breeding grounds for mold. Some protesters are urinating in bottles and leaving food trash discarded throughout the campground, providing further opportunities for nastiness.


Some protesters have refused free flu shots, citing a “government conspiracy,” the Times said.

There is also the increased risk among the encampment of sexually transmitted diseases, said the doctor, Dr. Philip M. Tierno, Jr. of the NYU Langone Medical Center. And the site’s pounding circles could lead to hearing damage.

Tierno compared conditions at the park to the pilgrimage to Mecca, in which entire groups of people have come down with respiratory infections in short period of time, and the communal compounds of the 1960s where sanitation problems and STDs cropped up.

The health department has visited the site and is monitoring.

“It should go without saying that lots of people sleeping outside in a park as we head toward winter is not an ideal situation for anyone’s health,” the department said in a statement.

Pilgrimage to Mecca is an apt comparison given the ritual nature of… oh, the post-modern protest.  Still, given the worrisome conditions at #Occupy camps, parents should think twice before indoctrinating their offspings into this particular worship.

UPDATE: Now that #Occupy Portland appears to be readying for an Oakland-style riot, #Occupy Portland children’s camp had closed.  (Via Instapundit.)

November 7, 2011

#Occupy Child Abuse Updates — the Red October Edition

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Happy Bolshevik Revolution day to #Occupy!  94 Years ago this day the Bolshevik-lead Red Guard took over the Winter Palace, the seat of Provisional Government.  A bloody Civil War immediately followed.

Yesterday Gateway Pundit published a video of Occupy Portland announcing a head and body lice outbreak.

A careful viewer will notice kids present at the time of announcement.  How did the kids wind up there?  Evidently Occupy Portland runs a “Playground and Education Center”, so families are encouraged to show up:

Up to 20 children live at the squat site, and some locals are not pleased:

Many in the community worry that it is not a place for children.

“If they’re school-age, they need to be in school,” said a woman walking past the encampment. “They’re smoking pot, they’re tearing the branches off, they’re climbing the statues and I think they should have to leave if they have children.”

Some parents said they were already home schooled and they’re just continuing to do that.

Some teachers have volunteered after school to tutor as well.  [Because nobody believes the kids are homeschooled? –ed.]

Things are generally not going too well:

Many in the camp went into a panic Tuesday night when a 9-year-old disappeared and was found two hours later with a protester near SW 4th Avenue and SW Taylor Street.

The Occupy parents movement obviously attracts the true believers.  But it seems to be preying on homeless families as well.  They provide some sort of facilities, and in return get sweet little faces to front their demonstrations.

#Occupy parent recruitment is a national effort.  Here in San Francisco a blogger published a call to join the movement:

#Occupy wants your family

The picture up close:

Occupy child abuse

I hear the boy really wanted to hang out with the 99%.

Not everyone in the #Occupy movement approves of this behavior.  For instance, the news that CPS removed a 9-month-old from #Occupy Dallas was discussed on the #Occupy Pittsburgh Facebook page.  Among the responses:

Jeff DowlingWhy don’t you read it Pal! When they are 9 months old they don’t have the capacity to understand any of this. They depend on their parents to make good decisions. He knows nothing about freedom you moron.

Saturday at 6:52pm · 2

Kimberly Jadedeyes Lapham LOL it has nothing to do with the constitution….Children have parents for a reason….Big movements like this can be unsafe….What about the child’s rights? Parents need to keep their kids safe…Saturday at 6:54pm · 2


Jeff DowlingI have to admit this might be over the top, however no one really knows the condition of the camp, whether there were drugs involved etc. However on the surface it is over the top

Saturday at 4:29pm · 1

Carden Crusnik Ok, taking an infant to a protest is idiotic. If something were to happen, or break lose and there was police action then that child could have been injured it’s neglect. STOP TAKING CHILDREN TO THESE EVENTS. Jesus….Saturday at 4:31pm · 5

One question I want to ask is why something that’s bad for children is good for adults.  Occupiers know that their camps are hubs of all sorts of x-rated activity.  They know that illegal drugs are sold and consumed at #Occupy sites.  They know that people are sexually assaulted there, and that human waste is not removed.  They know that many residents have mental health issues, and that fights break out regularly.  Yet adults didn’t come to the sites to merely stand with a sign.  The allure was to live in an anarchist commune.  If this is what had become of it, then occupiers have some serious soul-searching to do.

In fact, many of them are leaving.  More dedicated ones are still there, and so are the homeless and the crazies and perhaps the ones with the most to lose.  Who has the most to lose?  #Occupy is sitting on up to 2/3 million, and this money is sure not going to the homeless.  I’m very interested in seeing what is going to happen to that.

UPDATE: Recent violence at kid-friendly #Occupy Portland.

UPDATE 2: More violence at Portland squat site.  This time a man wielding a hammer.

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