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October 5, 2016

Donald Trump Sure Knows How To Pick A Wife

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During the primary campaign we, Republican voters, were advised to disregard Trump’s lack of political experience.  His altRight supporters assured us that it’s not a big deal, that if one needs to imagine what he would be like as a chief executive, he’d have to look no further than his family. Sure he had several, but he runs them well, his wives have his children and no one else’s.  His children are all grown up now and are upstanding individuals.


Marla Maples’s only daughter speaks at the 2016 Republican National Convention, for some reason

I wrote about The Don’s marriages a few weeks ago.  Far from being an all-American stud, the billionaire appears a victim of predatory women.  That Trump’s wives were after his money is plainly obvious — and that’s why they had his children, of course.  Donald never found a soulmate, a trusted adviser.  His answer to female ambition is a prenup, preferably signed by a woman who can’t get by on her own very well (due to inability to speak fluent English).

This week’s October surprise contender was Trump’s tax return published in New York Times.  The document didn’t tell us anything we don’t already know about the presidential contender, but it still hurts him in as much as in the final weeks of the election it keeps the focus on miscellaneous nonsense and not on anything that will help him catch up with Hillary.

The likely source of the document leak is believed to be his second wife Marla Maples.  First, as some observers noted, the “sign here” tab points to Marla’s signature.  Furthermore,

And as the Daily Beast’s Olivia Nuzzi noted, Maples had an interesting Twitter exchange on Sunday. Maples, who’s practiced Kabbalah for 20 years, celebrated the arrival of a new season (or her glorious act of revenge) with this tweet:

Politico’s Marc Caputo responded with a joke, and @PoliticalBuffs replied to both of them:

It seems the question was directed at Caputo, but Maples answered:

If Donald Trump can’t manage his harem, how can we trust him to run the country?

In terms of presidential politics none of this matters at this point, I suppose. Donnie’s subpar pick-up skills are not really an issue in this final stretch of the election. However, judging by how well-oiled altRight is, their noxious ideas are worthy of destroying.


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