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March 5, 2012

Why Rush Didn’t Need to Apologize to Sandra Fluke

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Yes, his sponsors threatened to quit, but some did anyway.  More importantly, there was no moral imperative to do so because I doubt a modern woman like Ms. Fluke is insulted by Rush’s word choice.  And get this, our President who doesn’t want his daughter to be punished with a baby, called Sandra Fluke to see how she’s coping with Rush’s comments.  What a phony!

SlutwalkA street scene in Barack Obama’s Chicago

These day and age being accused of sleeping around — even for money — is not a big a deal.  “Slut” is simply a semi-rude word (we all can think of stronger expressions) for behavior that is not exactly unacceptable, and in some circles is even desirable.  In the era of 3rd wave feminism, when women are called sluts, they buy skimpy outfits and go on parades. Hence the Slutwalk phenomenon sweeping Europe and North America.


A Slutwalk on Trafalgar Square

Rush didn’t ruin Sandra Fluke’s reputation, and if she is losing any sleep at all, that’s because she’s exposed her for a lair.


And this is my sharp tongue, I say what I want

Being called a psycho or a racist, on the other hand is seriously damaging.  While I agree that racists should be ran out of polite society, this should apply to the real hate only.


I have a feeling their parents are proud of them

Calling Ms. Fluke a slut is not a new low for American political commentary.  HBO’s recent film Game Change, for instance, is an ad hominem attack on Sarah Palin, and great many leftty pundits are cheering the tragic death of Andrew Breitbart.  The film made Sarah Palin look like a head case.  Two years ago, Beitbart was falsely accused of manipulating Shirley Sherrod tapes and called a racist.  As the Shirley Sherrod affair was unfolding I thought “Gosh, Andrew Breitbart must have a heart made of steel!”


Cheerfully naked

Judged by contemporary standards, Rush’s word choice was rather mild.  The substance of his comments, however, is dangerous.

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August 24, 2011

Slut Walks: It Was Done Before, and Done Better. (PARTIAL NUDITY)

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Slut Walk are in the news now, see for instance this very entertaining coverage of a recent San Francisco Slut Walk by Zombie.  Western Slut Walks were sparked by a Canadian policeman who suggested that women shouldn’t dress like sluts, lest they get raped, hence providing an excuse to go out and buy a skimpy outfit and show the world that 3rd wave feminism is alive and kicking.  90s Revival.

There are several problems with Slut Walks.  First, participants are not very attractive.  Seconds, they are unwilling to strip.  Third, the protests are too egalitarian, meaning, no sufficient care is taken to draft the most attractive women to front the event.

Ukrainian feminist group Femen makes no such errors.  Femen’s leader Anna Gustol has a theater background and doesn’t shy away from putting it to use.

Femen Ukraine

Witness this perfectly choreographed protest against sexual harassment in universities.

Femen Ukraine

Or this perfectly staged Christianity-related something or rather.

Femen Ukraine

Or this seamlessly executed protest against what Femen describes as the Ukrainian government's overreaction to swine flu.

Femen Ukraine

Demonstrating for freedom of the press.

Femen Ukraine

Femen is not a fan of DSK, but this demonstration must have some sort of a local angle as well, considering that it's staged in front of Ukraine's National Bank.

Femen bills itself as a group of 300 Kiev co-eds, although it’s pretty obvious that there is maybe a dozen of them.  Western media eats them up, they were on CNN world, Reuters had opeds on them, Ms, etc.  Russian press is sarcastic, predictably highlighting the girls’ narcissism.  Well, they certainly enjoy themselves.


Protesting journalistic corruption on Journalist Day, surrounded by journalists.

The girls are feminist, and as such they are most famous for taking up women’s issues such as sexual harassment captured above or equal representation.

Femen Ukraine

Here is a Halloween-themed demand for inclusion of women in the Ukrainian cabinet.

Femen’s trademark issue is sex tourism.  It is a real issue, to be sure, considering that minors are involved.  However, Femen has a tendency to branch out.  Here we see them protesting a reality TV show where a man from New Zeland won some sort of a Ukrainian mail order bride.  I have no problem with this transaction.  One of my former classmates is now married to a much older German guy.  I don’t know the detail, but it certainly looks like one of those marriages.  Good for her, and considering that everyone meets through online personals now anyways, well, I guess some people meet on specialty websites.

Yep. Ukrainine is not a brothel.

The sign in Russian says “A bride for Papuas“.  Papuas is a slang term, referring to a native of Papua New Guinea.  Femen is very much into race and nationality.  Their trademark wreaths with ribbons are part of the Ukrainian national dress.  Sometimes they wear yellow and baby blue shirts, the colors of Ukrainian flag.

That's the Femen logo in form of the Ukrainian flag, in form of boobs. Yes, Femen has a logo.

Here Papuas is translated as wildman, which is rather vague.

Note the construction site in the background; it’s very Ukrainian.  When I lived there, some construction site was always nearby because such enterprises lasted forever.  A nine-story telephone station a few blocks away from my house took eight years to built.  It was never used as a telephone station, mind you, because by the time it was actually built, it was said that the technology no longer required that large of a building.  Or else Perestroyka came along, and perhaps, they decided not to eavesdrop on us anymore.  But I digress.

Continuing with the feminist theme, here is Femen protesting the stoning of an Iranian woman in an Iranian cultural center in Kiev:

Sign says "Murderers out of Ukraine".

Have to admire her burka.

The girls know how to get arrested.

More of them getting arrested:

Certainly a worthy cause, and one that Western feminists won’t touch with a 10 ft pole.  When Femen were asked what they want, they said they want a modern Islam.  Nobody asked them how they are going to achieve it.

The Other McCain has the scoop on Femen protesting treatment of women in Saudi Arabia.  I would sit on this post for another half a year, had he not beaten me to it.  Oh well, I’ll be back tomorrow with the second half of the Femen special.

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